Top 9 Most Wanted Doctor Returns

Welcome to our first “So Who Saturday” which was formerly “Who Watch Wednesday”. Now I had planned to do a post on top NuWho monsters but then I saw a Mirror article stating that Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith wants to return as the Doctor when current Doctor Peter Capaldi regenerates.

Now before you dust off your bow ties and fezes this is an article from The Mirror, which you can read here, so I am taking it with a heap of salt. And while I enjoyed Smith we have never had a regeneration into a previous incarnation, though the “Day of the Doctor” has hinted that it is possible for The Doctor to retake “old faces”, I seriously doubt that it will happen on this or any other occasion.

What is much more likely is that we will see Smith or any other previous Doctors return for a full multi-doctor story like the aforementioned  50th anniversary special Day of the Doctor (2013), the great twentieth anniversary special “The Five Doctors” (1983), the awful “The Two Doctors” (1985) and the fantastic tenth anniversary special and first multi-doctor story “The Three Doctors” (1972). So, leaving out the first three Doctors (replacing them just does not seem right) here is my list of the Top 9 most wanted Doctor returns:

DW Docs Four
Who knows eh? Who knows?

#9 Fourth Doctor Tom Baker 

Now Baker is my favorite all time Doctor and I teared up when I saw him cameo in The Day of the Doctor. But it was such a perfect ending that for him to return would just undercut that and be superfluous. We should leave it at that.

DW Docs War
War, hmm, yeah, what is it good for, absolutely nothing, sing it again…

#8 War Doctor John Hurt

I thoroughly enjoyed Hurt’s turn as the War Doctor but the nature of his story would make it difficult to do another multi-doctor story without being repetitive. And like Baker’s return there was a completeness to his presentation. He would be better suited to radio dramas.

two docs
Boy do we look old…

#7 & #6 Tenth and Eleventh Doctors David Tennant and Matt Smith 

I’m putting these two together because we saw them together just two years ago. It was awesome but I had my fill, and I would not mind waiting until the 60th anniversary to see them again.

DW Docs Five
No one else could rock a celery like he could

#5 Fifth Doctor Peter Davison (what a coinkidink)

Now Davison, Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy and Sixth Doctor Colin Baker all appeared in the hilarious mockumentary “The Five-ish Doctors” but I still would like to see them all make an in canon return.

Davison in particular is one my favorite Doctors and I really enjoyed his run. He has a youthful energy and vibrancy similar to the Eleventh Doctor but without the goofiness. Davison, however, returned for the superb minisode “Time Crash” together with Tenth Doctor Tennant so he does not make the top four.

DW Docs Seven
Not the most subtle of outfits

#4 Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy

McCoy’s Doctor was at times foppish and at times darkly scheming. I could see him hatching plans together with Capaldi or using other Doctors as pawns in some elaborate plan. Lots of possibilities.

DW Docs Six
STOP! In the name of love, before you break my heart…

#3 Sixth Doctor Colin Baker

Now Baker is my least favorite Doctor and you may be wondering why he is so high on this list. Well Baker suffered from an awful costume (which he personally did not like) and quite a few abysmal story lines. I would like him to return only to give some much needed redemption to the Sixth Doctor and a proper final ending, rather than this travesty here for which Baker refused to return to shoot.

DW Docs nine
I am, never ever ever, coming back to Doctor Who…

#2 Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston

Eccleston was the actor which brought the Doctor back to television screens after the wretched failed pilot that was the 1996 movie, and for many fans is their “first Doctor”. His leather jacket wearing Doctor was haunted, dark but could also do humour well.

Because of Eccleston’s issues with the producers – which are yet to be fully explained – he has kept away from Doctor Who fandom and even declined to return for Day of the Doctor. This may be the most unlikely return on the list but it is quite highly desired. In all of time of space one should never say never.

DW Docs Eight
Dramatic pose – activated!

#1 Eighth Doctor Paul McGann

Now you may be thinking – we saw him in the minisode “The Night of the Doctor”. Well we did and McGann was fantabulous. His previous appearance was the aforementioned Doctor Who movie but the script was so poor we did not fully get to see what he could do with the character. Well with a six and a half minute minisode he really showed us and blew Whovians away. The Night of the Doctor only whetted our appetite for more.

Other than Hurt, McGann is the only Doctor not to have a full series and it is quite a shame. It is time we see the Eight Doctor shine in a multi-doctor story. And some more minisodes as well.

So do you want to see Smith come back full time as the Doctor? Or which previous Doctor would you most like to see return for a multi-doctor story? Feel free to comment below.

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