Dark Matter S2E2 kills it in 6 slices

To quote the Kool-Aid man “Oh Yeah”.

The second episode of Dark Matter Season 2 dropped, the aptly titled “Kill Them All”, and it was an action-packed thrilled ride and everything I love about the show.

So if you have not seen it yet this is my SPOILER WARNING. Still here? Then let’s do this thang.

Here’s my review in six easy to chew slices:

You got a little cold in your eye there lady

#1 Hey Torri Higginson!

Always nice to see Ms Higginson again who you should remember from Stargate Atlantis and Season One of this show. I remembered her face but had to wiki to find out that she is Commander Delaney Truffaul of the Mikkei Combine and we last saw her in episode 10 saving the Raza from Ferrous Corp destroyers.

Her ocular info delivery was a cool effect and enjoyed her bantering with Three. Her hair though? Just wow.

Speaking of Three he had some cool one liners including “I put a down payment on a new toothbrush” but hopefully next episode we can see him shoot some big guns.

#2 The Six Shank Redemption 

After the Android lays down some lovely shade and realizing that the GA is more criminal than his erstwhile criminal crew Six discovers the error of his ways. He helps rescue our heroes from the prison but not before taking a near fatal shot. Then he gets put on ice, literally. Well not literal ice. You know what I mean.

I am glad he was not killed (we already lost One last episode) as I enjoy his warm relationship with Five and the strained trust with the rest of the crew will make for interesting drama. But it seems like he will be sitting out a couple of adventures while we get to know more about the new crew members, whom we will get to later.

It’s about to go down…

#3 Attica! Attica!

Did you see that prison fight scene? Twelve flavours of awesome sauce! As they did with Season One the first episode was foundation and exposition while the second ramped up the action. And when I say ramped up, I mean out of 10 it was a 12.

Kudos to the stunt team and especially Melissa O’Neil/Two for kicking so much posterior. Loved it.

#4 Four’s old friend 

And speaking of action the fight scenes with Four were suh-weet. The slo mo entrance with Misaki Han (also had to wiki her name) and the two guys looked great. The sword fighting was quick but bloody and brutal. And Han survived so she will likely pop up again.

Earlier in the episode Galactic Authority Beeyotch (GAB) tells Four “your propensity for violence is remarkable”. He smiles and says “thank you”. Never change Four. Never change.

Thank you for killing all those people Android

#5 Order 55

So it was more like Order 5 but I had to add another 5 to make it more Star Wars-ian. Just go with it.

This was definitely a huge episode for Five. I throughly enjoyed her trading words with GAB and blasting fools with Three’s big gun. But her best moment, and the best moment of the episode, was her telling Android to “kill them all” (to quote Cinema Sins “roll credits”). Dang Five. You went from zero to dark in 30 seconds.

Then in a beautiful lethal ballet Android goes Terminator up in here and puts down GAB and the rest of the fools. I believe the last time we saw her go all Robocop was fighting the Ruby Rose Wendy android in episode seven. Good times.

#6 New crew assembled 

If you were worried we were going to spend most of the season at Hyperion-8 like a futuristic Prison Break our heroes have escaped, retaken their ship and are on the run again.

Added to the crew are sneaky Arax Nero, prison doctor Devon (whose medical skills will come in handy) and Nyx who was apparently a female Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption while in the prison but we still have to find out her back story.

Our crew also learns about One’s murder and the real Jace Corso seems set to be a future villain. And who are the couple with the interest in their pumpkin/asset Five? We will have to stay tuned.

Rating – Dark Matter S2E2 gets 8/10 kill orders.

So have you seen “Kill Them All”? What was your favorite part? Feel free to comment below.

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NB – All photos courtesy of the Syfy Channel

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