Top 6 Doctor Who Characters that Deserve a Comeback

The rumour mill got Whovians all in the tizzy with the report that Mr Swagger himself Captain Jack Harkness could possibly be returning for the 2016 Christmas Special, the only new television Who we will be getting for this year.

Then the actor who plays him, John Barrowman, shot down the rumours on Twitter. Cue sad face emoticon.

But this got me thinking about companions or other characters who should make a return this Christmas or for the next series. Here is my list of most wanted characters, and as you will notice it is a mix of both classic and NuWho:

Martha Jones

#6 Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), last appearance The End of Time (2010)

We last saw Martha with her husband Mickey fighting aliens. She has always been a strong and spunky character, especially after she got through her “pining after the Doctor” phase. It would be nice to find out what she is doing now. Is she still with Mickey? Are they still fighting aliens? Pondering minds need to know.


#5 Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines), last appearance The Two Doctors (1985)

He is one of the Doctor’s oldest companions and shared many adventures with Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. Jamie had a strength and a physicality rare among companions, and was also one of few male companions.

In his story he was returned to his time line and had his memory wiped by the Timelords. He showed up again as a phantom in The Five Doctors special and in the awful The Two Doctors with the Second and Sixth Doctors. But it would be nice for Capaldi to return to Scotland and find an older Jamie with his family and the Scot rediscovering all of his out of this world adventures before he passes. This is good stuff. BBC needs to hire me ASAP.


#4 Lady Christina de Souza (Michelle Ryan), last appearance Planet of the Dead (2009)

 We only met her once but the sexy thief was so much fun that I would love to have her back. We could learn a bit more of her backstory and it would be nice to see her bounce off Capaldi and joke about how old he has gotten.


#3 Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford), last appearance The Five Doctors (1983) 

The first companion and the Doctor’s granddaughter, we last saw Susan in The Five Doctors but she did and said very little. And we have no idea what happened after the First Doctor left her with resistance fighter David in The Dalek Invasion of Earth. The Doctor did promise that he would come back and see her again, and it is about time that he does.

Romana II next

#2 Romana II (Lalla Ward), last appearance: Warriors’ Gate (1981)

Time lady Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana for short) was a rare intellectual match for the Doctor. And while the first Romana, Mary Tamm, had the drop dead gorgeous thing going for her, her second incarnation played by Lalla Ward (pictured above with Fourth Doctor Tom Baker) was more fun and sprightly.

We last saw her deciding to remain in E-Space to help a race of enslaved aliens called the Tharils. In expanded media she became President of the Gallifrey High Council and with Gallifrey restored it is high time she makes a reappearance. If Ward is not interested a new actress can take up the role as a regenerated Romana. And, what if, she plays a villain role. That would be really interesting.


#1 Jenny (Georgia Moffett), last appearance The Doctor’s Daughter (2008)

And finally we have the Tenth Doctor’s clone daughter Jenny, who in real life is David Tennant’s wife and the daughter of Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor. If you think about it too hard, you will get a headache.

We last saw Jenny blasting off into space on a rocket looking for adventure. It would be the best thing ever to see the Doctor reunite with his estranged daughter. This is a story that must be told. There could be heart, comedy and action. All that we love about Doctor Who.

So that’s my list. Who is the character you would most like to see return?

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