Seven Trinidad and Tobago Webseries You Should Be Watching (T&T 6 for 60 Pt 5/6)

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

Hey folks. Editor Jules here. My home country Trinidad and Tobago is celebrating 60 years of Independence on August 31, 2022. So I thought what better way to celebrate than to have a series of six articles celebrating Trini content. For our fifth part we take a look at some local webseries.

In the first two entries of this series I ventured to the past (figuratively speaking) and spoke about classic TT films Bim and Men of Gray/Flight of the Ibis. Well for this list we are looking to the future and the talent on display with local webseries. Here are seven I think you should be watching:

#7 Infection

The sole horror entry on this list, K.O Media’s zombie apocalypse series Infection boasts some strong makeup and decent action. It’s not the best acted nor the best produced series, but there is enough to scratch a flesh eating itch. There are three episodes so far and the current story is still ongoing.

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#6 Batchack Man: The Peacemakers

After two not-so-great films Keyon Byron’s superhero Batchack Man made a solid transition to webseries with The Peacemakers Series. The show started strongly enough with its mix of superpowers and supernatural creatures. But the later episodes started to meander and added a few too many subplots. Let’s hope the show can pull it together and stick the landing for its seventh episode and season finale on September 3.

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#5 Island Law

Are you a fan of 80s cop shows like Miami Vice? Well Maurice George, the creator and star of police crime drama webseries Island Law, certainly is. In four episodes he and his team has captured the glamour, gunplay and snappy dialogue of the genre while keeping the setting and language very Trini. An entertaining series and I look forward to seeing it continue with Episode 5.

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#4 Super Single Cindy

Well, so far we’ve had a zombie horror series, a supernatural superhero series and a nostalgic cop drama. And the variety continues with sketch comedy series Super Single Cindy from Cindy F. Daniel. She stars as the titular character who, according to the intro, is a strong, independent woman who “don’t need no man” but is also a “hopeless romantic”. These breezy sketches are well-produced and quite funny. Cindy may be unlucky in love but you would be lucky to find a funnier local webseries.

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#3-1 Black Land, Magonolia and Vaser Claw

I could have populated this list with all three GT Caribbean Network’s series but I decided to include them all together. Nowhere else would you be able to find this much solidly produced local webseries content.

We’ve had three episodes so far of the Sci Fi post-apocalyptic series Black Land, which is high on concept but sadly low on execution, entertaining teen superhero series and flagship show Magonolia has completed its five-episode first season and spun off cool, visual effects-heavy Sci Fi action series Vaser Claw. The Vaser Claw limited series ends its four-episode run on September 8. So if you have not checked out any of the GT Caribbean Network shows now is the time to jump aboard. And you can watch it for free, so there really is no excuse.

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So that’s my list. Any local webseries I missed? And you can check out Part 4 of this series below:


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