Who You Gonna Call? Ghost Adventures: House Calls!

Alice Oscura, Paranormal Investigations Head Writer

It can be deeply unsettling to experience unnatural phenomena in your humble abode. A place where it is considered to be a sanctuary and a place where your family should feel unafraid, protected even. But, when things begin to go bump in the night and you feel threatened by something that any normal person cannot explain, who are you going to turn to? Well, Ghost Adventures: House Calls may be that solution.

Popular and controversial paranormal investigator and the Las Vegas Haunted Museum owner Zak Bagans returned with his team on the 19th of May in their first ever spin-off series Ghost Adventures: House Calls which aired on the Discovery + Channel. Taking on the role of real-life Ghostbusters, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley are here to put your minds at ease as the GAC team has decided to expand their repertoire from not just investigating the most haunted, popular locations. Bagans understands the desperate pleas from fearful homeowners who need to know if they are safe within their own homes or if they should just put up a “For Sale” sign. The series consisted of eight episodes, and it is unconfirmed whether the show will be returning for a second season.

Each house call is considered to be a paranormal emergency and therefore once the case has been chosen flights and accommodations have already been booked for the crew. The huge difference is that Bagans doesn’t travel with the GAC crew to these locations. He stays behind in Las Vegas, Nevada, and offers remote support and expertise to the team members. When the investigation and evidence gathering is complete advice will be given, and sometimes the GAC team would offer further support via assistance in house cleansing rituals and follow-up calls.

Some supernatural activity reveals family secrets kept hidden away, or even disturbing historical events associated with the land itself. Bagans has explained that the main goal is to help people living in fear of something unexplainable and provide answers, advice, validation, and further support to distraught families.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field the team is able to quickly assess the situation from the beginning with the first interview and listen to the firsthand accounts of the experiences of the terrified families. From here on they are able to set up base camp with Jay Wasley monitoring from the outside of the residence and Bagans also connected via video call. There are a couple new investigators on the team that offer a fresher and calmer perspective to the show.

The audience and fans of the Ghost Adventures team get to benefit from a different, more personal approach to paranormal investigating as it is no longer just about the scientific approach and gathering evidence. They encounter some extremely raw emotions from these stressed-out families and they give the best advice with the utmost respect to the members of the family, both living and dead.

While there is some controversy online about why Zak Bagans doesn’t physically go to these locations with the GAC team, others have just chosen to accept the show at face value. You know, without the conspiracy theories. I think a lot of people out there forget that Bagans is a shrewd businessman and may just be staying behind because he’s just super busy. On that note, I leave you guys with a few questions. Have you ever sworn that you saw a shadow where one shouldn’t be, or heard disembodied voices? Well, you just may have to give the Ghost Adventure team a call.

Score: 7 out of 10


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