Destination Fear is a Fresh Trip into the Paranormal

Alice Oscura, Paranormal Investigations Head Writer

Destination Fear takes viewers on an RV journey across the United States of America. However, this is no ordinary road trip. The destinations are enough to strike a chord of fear in anyone.

Documentary filmmaker Dakota Laden and his sister Chelsea Laden are from Lakeville, Minnesota. According to Dakota, they grew up in a house where the paranormal activity was so severe that it affected his entire family. Together with their best friend since childhood Tanner Wiseman and cameraman Alex Schroeder, the quartet is constantly put to the test. Dakota’s main goal is the conduction of a psychological experiment. The effects of fear concerning what they experience in their paranormal investigations. But there’s a catch—only one person knows the team’s next destination! This sometimes leads to discord among members of the team; however, it doesn’t last long. The idea is the rush of the release of adrenaline that one feels when a location has been conquered.

As for the locations, they are dark, intriguing, and sometimes not very welcoming. The lighter elements to the series are the camaraderie that goes into having to place your trust in your team members. While sometimes it might look like Dakota may purposely be picking on someone, he always explains his reasoning behind the decision. Each episode ends with the crew giving their monologue on what they learned from the investigation; if they conquered their fears or if they had plans to get revenge on a fellow team member via the next location.

The most inexperienced of the group would be Chelsea, but you can rest assured that when that chick screams all the guys come running to save her. What a pair of lungs that girl has! Dakota brings with him two years’ experience as a cameraman and investigator for Ghost Adventures headed by famous paranormal investigator and Haunted Museum owner Zak Bagans. Bagans also happens to be one of the executive producers for Destination Fear.

Dakota, Chelsea, Tanner, and Alex represent a fresh new outlook into paranormal investigating and represent the next generation. It’s one of the most genuine and relatable modern-day paranormal shows on the air right now, and is equally entertaining and creepy with some emotionally heavy stuff thrown in for good measure.

Some critics have branded them as immature and not professional, but I beg to differ. This is part of their charm. Their objective is not to provoke and antagonise. Even though they use basic equipment, they have managed to capture some particularly groundbreaking evidence. The show is currently in its third season and airs on the Travel Channel. I highly recommend Destination Fear for those who want to see something a bit more raw while keeping that adrenaline pumping.

Alice’s Score: 7 out of 10

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