Hear Her Roar! 5 reasons to be excited by new Wonder Woman trailer

Among the slew of trailers released at San Diego Comic Con one that got me super excited was Wonder Woman. The trailer is a good blend of atmosphere, action and wit, providing context for the story without giving too much away. It is definitely a big improvement over the first trailer which was a bit too vague.

Enough rambling. Here are 5 reasons I am excited about the trailer and the movie, and why you should be too:

I don’t think you can handle this

#1 Gadot IS Wonder Woman

We first saw actress Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in this year’s Batman v Superman and will also see her next year in the ensemble piece Justice League. Now while some fans were unhappy that she did not fit the physical build of the comics character (and really what woman can) Gadot captured the strength, poise and regalness of the First Lady of DC and was easily one of the best parts of the divisive movie.

In this trailer her characterization is again spot on as we see her going from light moments and romance to full on warrior mode. Great stuff.

Hey watch the sword lady

#2 Couple Chemistry 

Speaking of romance the trailer gives us a lot more of Chris Pine as World War I pilot and love interest Steve Trevor. Pine gives us a bit of that Captain Kirk swagger and charm and his chemistry with Gadot is electric. Watch out for sparks to be flying when the movie comes out.

Amazons! What is your profession?!

#3 Location, location, location

The settings in the trailer look entrancing. Wonder Woman/Diana Prince’s homeland of Themyscira looks gorgeous and haunting and there were shots that gave me a Gladiator/Thor vibe which is a good vibe to give. The scenes in the world of man during World War I, which I believe to be America or possibly London, has a lovely period feel. The costuming also looks amazing.

Captain America: The First Avenger did a commendable job as a period superhero piece but Wonder Woman looks like it could top it.

Is that the best you’ve got?

#4 Butt kicking 

What’s a superhero movie trailer without some action? Am I right or am I right? I’m right.

And this trailer features a good bit. We get some awesome Amazon on soldier action but the best fight scenes feature Wonder Woman herself. She is swinging her sword, lassoing fools, kicking other fools and shielding bullets like it’s nobody’s business. If you are not getting pumped up you may need to check your pulse.

This is my tree. And I shall protect it with my life

#5 Touch of mirth

Similar to the Justice League trailer (a link to my post on that is below) Wonder Woman also ends with a joke, and it is decent joke that lands and fits with the characters. This is more proof that DC is taking a page from Marvel and lightening up their movies a bit instead of being all sour and dour all the time.

Wonder Woman’s story is ripe for fish out of water humour and I am glad to see that we are going to get some of that amidst all the action, drama and lovey dovey stuff. Overall I was really impressed by this trailer and I am most excited to see the movie when it drops June 2, 2017.

So have you seen the new Wonder Woman trailer? What did you think of it? Feel free to comment below.

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