Dream Team! Top 10 most wanted characters for my crew (50 years of Trek, 50 things to love Pt 5/5)

For my final post commemorating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek I decided to focus on the best aspect of the franchise – the characters! And I’m sure most Trekkies have imagined being a part of a Federation crew and having adventures through the stars and on strange alien worlds.

The following is my dream team crew of 10, with two from each of the five live action television series (sorry short lived animated series). Engage!

Hailing frequencies are still closed Captain

#10 Communications Officer – Nyota Uhura, The Original Series (TOS)

Yes they phased out the role of communications officer but have you seen that outfit? Hubba hubba. Uhura definitely makes the list.

STC Neelix
Trust me. You’ll love it

#9 Chef/ Morale officer – Neelix, Voyager (VOY)

Spending all that time in space you may get a bit sick of replicated food. Neelix will be great to whip up some actual food even if it may get a bit weird. I have an adventurous palate. And he is also great at organising parties.

STC Sulu
Moving it a little to the left sir

#8 Helmsman – Hikaru Sulu, TOS

I would want a steady hand on my voyages. They don’t get more steady than Sulu’s.

STC Seven
You asked for me Captain?

#7 Astrometrics – Seven of Nine, VOY 

It’s Jeri Ryan in catsuits all day. That will make any voyage better.

STC Phlox
Time to try a “herbal” remedy

#6 Chief Medical Officer – Phlox, Enterprise (ENT) 

While the curmudgeonly Bones has an old world charm Phlox was a whole lot of fun and is quite the capable doctor. And it would be cool to check out his collection of live specimens.

STC Worf
This is me smiling sir

#5 Tactical/ security officer – Worf, DS9

No this is not a cheat. Worf was on The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. And I would want no one else keeping the crew safe and blasting the crap out of an enemy vessel than the son of Mogh.

STC Data
Mr Tricorder! It never gets old!

#4 Science officer – Data, TNG

That brilliant positronic mind will come in handy and Data is also a great source of unintentional humour.

STC Trip
You want me to put WHAT in that?

#3 Chief Engineer – Charles “Trip” Tucker III, ENT 

Oh Trip. They did not end your story well at all, now did they? While Scotty is the miracle worker and would join you in a stiff drink, Trip’s Southern charm and technical skills gets him on the list.

STC Kira
I’ll just make myself comfortable

#2 First Officer – Kira Nerys, DS9 

Sure Mr Spock and Riker are fantastic but if you want someone to stir things up a little and break the rules a bit Kira is your best bet and would be Number One on my ship.

STC Jean-Luc
Yes! Number one again!

#1 Captain – Jean-Luc Picard, TNG

The eternal debate of Kirk versus Picard. Now admittedly Kirk would be a whole lot more fun but he is also the more likely of the two captains to get you killed. Give me the wisdom and strategy of Picard any day so I can actually make it back to Earth in one piece.

So what characters would make up your dream team? I’m sure I missed out some of your choices. Feel free to share them below.

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