The Ferengi in the gorilla suit…Top 10 Funniest Star Trek Episodes (50 years of Trek, 50 things to love Pt 4/5)

For the penultimate post of the five part series celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we will be looking at some of the funniest episodes over the five TV series.

Now the majority of episodes have focused on drama, adventure or action but there are a few comedic gems to be had in the midst. Most are from The Original Series (TOS) and The Next Generation (TNG), and I could not recall any from “Star Trek: Enterprise” (that show could have used some lightening up).

Here is my list of 10 episodes that tickled my funny bone:

Funny Trek 1
The Niners win! The Niners win!

#10 Take Me Out To The Holosuite, Deep Space Nine (DS9)

In the throes of a war with the dreaded Dominion the DS9 take time out to settle a score the old fashioned way – with baseball! A silly filler episode but it does have a bit of undeniable charm.

Funny Trek 2
You sir, are a green blooded buffoon!

#9 The Naked Time, TOS

An infection causes the crew of the Enterprise to go bonkers. One crew member takes over engineering and starts singing Irish songs, Sulu runs around bareback with a fencing saber and Nurse Chapel declares her love for Spock. Lots of hijinks makes this a moderately funny episode. It was followed with the TNG episode “The Naked Now” but that toned down the comedy a bit.

Funny Trek 3
Would you like to hear my evil plan?

#8 Bride of Chaotica, Voyager

Tom Paris’ holodeck program “Captain Proton”, which is a send up of 50s sci fi, takes centre stage in this episode. Intentionally campy and overblown, it is quite a good time.

Funny Trek 4
No son, you can’t have a Tommy Gun

#7 A Piece of the Action, TOS

TOS had its share of odd episodes including this one where Kirk and crew find an entire planet based on 1920s gangsters. Cool outfits and lots of gangster talk, this episode never takes itself seriously and neither should you wiseguy!

Funny Trek 5
I’m telling you this Tribble is trouble!

#6 Trials and Tribble-ations, DS9 

DS9 pays tribute to the TOS episode “The Trouble with Tribbles” in this time traveling tale. Well it is more than a tribute; they actually travel and take part in the episode itself. A whole lot of fan service and homages it may not top the original but it is still a good time.

Funny Trek Q
For goodness sake Q must your pants be so tight?

#5 Déjà Q, TNG

Oh Q, you annoying omnipotent being. After being ousted from the Q Continuum and stripped of his power Q seeks refuge on the Enterprise. Even without his powers he is still a pain in the neck for Picard and crew with his insufferable attitude. His moping and failed attempts to be human do make for a few chuckles.

Funny Trek 7
So many men. So little time

#4 Manhunt, TNG

Counselor Deanna Troi’s mother Lwaxana comes aboard and sets her lustful eyes on Picard who spends most of the episode running from her advances. It is as hilarious as it sounds.

Funny Trek 9
You want one of my ladies, don’t you Kirk?

#3 I, Mudd, TOS

Conman Harry Mudd returns and his new scheme is a planet full of androids. Like Q to Picard, Kirk gets quite exasperated with this loathsome foe. Mudd is quite the hoot and the end where androids of his nagging wife harass the living daylights out of him is some good fun.

Funny Trek 8
‘Tis but a flesh wound

#2 Qpid, TNG

Q returns to the list and on this occasion puts the Enterprise crew in a Robin Hood-based fantasy. Highlights include Data as a bald Friar Tuck and Worf who declares he is “not a merry man!”. He also smashes Geordi’s lute on a tree. Really enjoyed this one.

Funny Trek 10
I’ve got 99 problems and Tribbles are ALL of them

#1 The Trouble With Tribbles, TOS

Sometimes you cannot beat a classic. This intentionally comedic episode is laugh after laugh. Whether it is Scotty getting in a bar brawl after someone insults the Enterprise or Kirk dealing with the ever increasing population of Tribbles on his ship, The Trouble With Tribbles really packs the humour into its running time.

So what is your favorite funny Trek episode? Feel free to comment below.

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