Top 10 Star Trek ships: 50 years of Trek, 50 things to love Pt 2/5

As we continue our celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek we look today at some of the best ships to have gone where no ships have gone before.

In the recently released teaser trailer for the upcoming TV series “Star Trek: Discovery” (see below) we got a look at the new ship, though according to executive producer Heather Kadin it is not the final design (see the article here).

But until we get that final design let’s take a look back at 10 of the best ships in five decades of Trek. For this list we will be focusing on ships that appeared on the television series so vessels from the movies like the Reliant, Enterprise-A, Enterprise-E and the Scimitar (though that monstrosity would have been left out any way) will not be included. So let’s engage the countdown:

It’s been a long road, flying from here to there…

#10 Enterprise NX-01

As a ship design for the prequel series the NX-01 looked decent enough but could have been a bit more inventive and daring. It is a little too close to Federation-era ships and should have stood out more. The polarised hull plating defense system and grappler, in lieu of shields and tractor beam respectively, were interesting concepts though.

Species 8472
This design alone is creepy

#9 Species 8472 bio-ship

These foes of the Voyager crew had a ship with a unique, claw like design and packed enough firepower to blast Borg Cubes to smithereens. It also makes this list for being one of the few biological ships in Trekdom.

Vulcan ship
We be rollin’

#8 Vulcan 

I really loved the look of these Vulcan ships in Star Trek: Enterprise. The pointed forward section and cool rotating part (whatever that’s called) makes for a sweet looking vessel.

It’s a long hard road, but we gonna get there, it’s a long hard road, but we gonna get there…

#7 Voyager

The Voyager always felt like a mini-version of the Galaxy-class ships like the Enterprise-D. A bit more streamlined but nothing really revolutionary. It’s position on the list is mostly due to nostalgia factor.

Klingon Battle Cruiser
Dunh dunh!

#6 Klingon battle cruiser

A machine built for war and intimidation, the Klingon battle cruiser is a fearsome beast in any century. The crown-like forward section really stands out as well.

Romulan BOP
Sneaky Romulans

#5 Romulan Bird of Prey

The hawk like design may be enjoyed for just a moment because the ship just uncloaked off your port bow and blasted you dead! Too much?

I really love the open middle section and overall sleek look too.

Pew pew pew!

#4 Defiant

A weapon of war the Defiant ditches creature comforts for more firepower. The round shape and pointed forward section also makes it one of the most unique Federation designs. And boy could it blast some Dominion fools into oblivion.

Borg Cube
Worst Rubix Cube ever!

#3 Borg Cube

No muss, no fuss. The cybernetic Borg are more about function than fashion and their simple cube design is the epitome of that. It is also like nothing else ever encountered by the Federation. The Cube has regenerating abilities making it one of the most difficult ships to destroy. Remember a single cube took out 40 Federation starships at the Battle of Wolf 359. #neverforget

Klingon BOP
Cloak and blast ya

#2 Klingon Bird of Prey

Neither the most powerful or most uniquely designed Trek ship the Klingon Bird of Prey makes number two because it is just so cool and iconic. And it’s cloaking ability and firepower make the BOP pretty fearsome.

Enterprise D
Make it so!

#1 Enterprise NCC-1701 & NCC-1701-D

No surprises here. The ships that we enjoyed adventures with in The Original Series and The Next Generation must top this list. There is so much love and history attached to both of these vessels that choosing between the two just seems wrong. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty and majesty of the ships known as Enterprise!

Enterprise old
Nostalgia bomb!

So what’s your favorite Star Trek ship? Feel free to comment below.

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Live long and prosper peeps. l8rs



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