Dark Matter S2 premiere – Broken fellowship in 5 slices

Season 2 of science fiction series Dark Matter premiered last Friday with the episode “Welcome to your new home” and boy did it shake things up. We move from the ship to maximum security detention facility Hyperion-8 and it is not friendly in the least.

I’ll be going into detail so SPOILER WARNING is in effect. So here is my review in five easy to chew slices:

It was YOU!

#5 Five and Six revelations

Six reveals to Five that it was he who betrayed the Raza crew to the Galactic Authority and was an undercover agent. Five, understandably hurt and betrayed, slaps him good and proper. We also learn both their real names and full back stories, and Six realises that the GA is not to be trusted.

Seeing Five and Six’s broken relationship was one of my favorite parts of this episode and it also shed light on the machinations of the GA. And it was interesting to see our “fellowship” of heroes split up and put into different scenarios.

#4 Three’s really bad day

Three is always a lot of fun but does not get to do much this episode other than get beat up and burn himself in the laundry. Hopefully we’ll get more wisecracks and action next time.

You will not break me.

# 3 Tough as nails android 

We only had our darling android for one scene but man was it powerful. Computer tech guy treats her like any machine but gets more than he bargained for. When she says that she “won’t” give him the files I felt like cheering.

We want your cigarettes.

#2 Prison life 

We do get some action with Four kicking some prisoner backside. His “make your move” line was suh-weet. We also meet the prison gang leader who offers to help them escape in the promo for the next episode, but smells like a world of trouble.

We also see Two make a new mysterious, beautiful and extremely skilled fellow inmate. I found her cool and I hope she permanently joins our merry band of misfits.

Best Fruit of the Loom ad ever!

#1 One’s dead!

I was not expecting this twist! So One meets the man running his father’s company and begins investigating his wife’s murder and the sole witness, a security guard, mysteriously dies after he asks to speak with him.

I presumed One would be in danger but seeing Jace Corso shoot him dead blew my mind! This season is taking no prisoners (pun intended).

Final Slice – A bit of a slow, establishing episode but intriguing. 7/10 yogurt like prison goop.

So what did you think of the Dark Matter season2 premiere?  Feel free to comment below. For updates on new posts you can follow me on Twitter @suprememango012. L8rs


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