Winter has come: Top 5 predictions for GoT Season 6 finale

Faster than you can say “dracarys” Game of Thrones Season 6 has flown to its finale this Sunday. The episode is entitled “Winds of Winter” which is also the name of the long awaited sixth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series the show is based on. The message is clear – while the next book continues to hibernate the show is moving on.

Overall this season has been a great watch and the penultimate episode, the thrilling and epic “Battle of the Bastards”, was the best of the lot and among the best of the mega popular series. But what is going to happen in the finale?

Compared to all the death and dismemberment in the last episode the finale promo (see below) is quite subdued. Lots of talking and posturing but suffused with an ominous air. I am sure the show runners are keeping their cards close to their chest and this episode is going to have fans screaming at some twist(s). Now I am not Facebook friends with David Benioff and D. B. Weiss so I am clueless as the next viewer as to what will happen this Sunday. But I can theorise!

So here are my five predictions of what will happen in “Winds of Winter”:

The Lannisters send the best regards
The Lannisters send the best regards

#5 Death to the Freys

In the promo we see Walder Frey and the rest of his traitorous clan having a lovely dinner party with Jaime and his soldiers. The scene just screams Red Wedding so let us hope that the Freys finally get what’s coming to them.

Maybe forces aligned to the Starks will be the ones to deliver some sweet, sweet vengeance. The North remembers Walder. The North remembers.

Poor boy never knew how to play the Game of Thrones

#4 Tommen must die

Puppet king Tommen is high on my list of those expected to kick ye olde bucket this episode. After drinking the Sparrow’s Kool-Aid and betraying his mother he pretty much signed his death warrant.

I doubt, however, that he will die at Cersei’s hand – she does genuinely love her children – but may be killed by a stray arrow or something once the trial turns into bloodshed. And remember Maggy the Frog predicted that the Queen Mother would outlive all her children so Tommen has always been on the chopping block.

The lord of light will protect me from that onion guy
The lord of light will protect me from that onion guy

#3 Red Woman will live

Also in the promo we see Ser Davos bringing the Red Woman before Jon Snow and revealing that she had poor Shireen Baratheon burned alive. As I mention in my episode 9 review (you can read that here) the look he shoots her is pitch black and his thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth.

But I have a strong feeling Melisandre will weasel her way out of it and Jon will spare her, partly because she did bring him back from the dead. And it may be a decision he later comes to regret.

Sooooooo, more wine your grace?
Sooooooo, more wine your grace?

#2 Dany FINALLY sets sail

This season the show shifted from third to fifth gear, likely in anticipation of just two more seasons to go. With the Greyjoys practically teleporting to Meereen with ships the Mother of Dragons has the final piece to sail to Westeros and claim the world’s most uncomfortable chair. But will she?

If the show runners continue in this speeding-stories-along vein then before the episode ends we will see her board the ships with her armies and Tyrion in tow. Hope springs eternal.

We don't need your education, we don't need your thought control
We don’t need your education, we don’t need your thought control

#1 The Wall will fall

Remember the Season 2 finale when we saw the Whitewalkers at the Fist of the First Men? Remember the start of Season 3 when we did NOT get a bunch of sweet Whitewalker action?

Well for Sunday’s finale I think the biggest twist of the episode will be the Night’s King and his army approaching The Wall, and possibly even using some magic or sheer brute force to break it down. And right before that Bran, Meera and Coldhands would make their way south of the wall.

The men of the Night’s Watch staring down at the Whitewalker army through the very large space The Wall USED to occupy would be an epic way to end the Season and kick off the next one.

So what do you think of my predictions? Do you have any of your own? Feel free to comment below.

For my Season 6 episode 9 review you can click here and to seen how many of my predictions came true you can click here for my finale review. And for tv posts of ice and fire you can follow me on Twitter @suprememango012 or subscribe via e-mail. Julien is outie like a navel. l8rs


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