GoT Battle of the Bastards is EPIC in 5 slices

I need to catch my breath after that episode. Whew!

So we had the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones season 6 (my how time has flown) with the long awaited stand off between biological bastard Jon Snow and biological and really awful, psychotic, nasty how I hate him bastard Ramsay Bolton over the rule of the North and the fate of the Stark ancestral home of Winterfell.

Before we dive into the review in five easy to chew slices this is a SPOILER WARNING for anyone who has not seen the episode. Still here? Okay. Onward to Westeros!

You try to hurt my momma, then I gots to fry ya!

#1 Original or Spicy Crispy?

In a bit of a surprise the action starts not in the North but at Meereen. And what an opening it was!

When Dany tells the slavers that they are negotiating terms of THEIR surrender and then Drogon flies down I literally jumped out of my seat with excitement. And seeing all three dragons fighting together for the first time blew my mind. It was soooooo good.

But am I the only one surprised that Theon and Yara arrived so quickly? Did they have speedboats? But all season the show runners have been speeding things along so why not?

Remember me? No, not Bran. I’m Rickon. Rickon Stark.

#2 Goodbye and good riddance Rickon

Sansa did warn Jon didn’t she?

That tricky Ramsay plays a Saw-style game with Rickon, which he loses, and Jon is tricked into going hog wild and rushing the battlefield; Ramsay was at his most deliciously evil in this episode.

I was recently telling some friends how utterly useless Rickon has been. He has just been there. So I am not shedding a tear that he is gone.

For Jon Snow! For the Free Folk!

#3 This means WAR!

And what a battle it was. In your face, bloody and brutal. I got visions of Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan. The Bolton phalanx also reminded me of 300. Beautifully executed. When Jon was trapped under those soldiers I couldn’t breathe.

Jon was a fighting beast and Wun Wun smashing guys and doors was great; unlike Rickon Wun Wun will be missed. For a moment I thought Tormund would have died but glad to see he will be hanging around.

And no surprise that Littlefinger and the warriors of the Vale show up for a last minute save thanks to Sansa.

I’m going to get that Red Woman, and her little dog too.

#4 Death to the Red Woman 

Ser Davos discovers that Shireen was burnt to death and what does that mean – The Red Woman.

The look that he shoots her is pitch black. I’m not sure her magic will be able to protect her from the wrath of the Onion Knight. Stay tuned Throners.

My dogs would never eat me. Never ever.

#5 Bye bye bastard

We never thought we could hate anyone more than King Joffrey and then Ramsay came along. He deserved to die ten times over  and boy did he get his comeuppance.

We got to enjoy Jon pummeling him and then Sansa eviscerating him with her words and then enjoying as his hungry dogs eviscerated and tore him apart. Some people were not happy with how easy Joffrey died but no one can complain about this. Also Sansa has learned how to play the Game of Thrones and really came into her own this season. Good stuff.

In one fell swoop Ramsay lost his army, Winterfell and his life and my heart was warmed to see the Bolton flayed man banners fall and the Stark wolf banners rise. With Ramsay gone Euron Greyjoy and the Night’s King seem to be big bads for the final two seasons.

So what was your favorite moment of the Battle of the Bastards? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. This was a GREAT review!!!! I was really worried for Jon when he was gasping for air under all those bodies and I was scared that Tormund was going to die really glad he survived. I mean that love story between him and Brienne has to be developed 🙂 and good riddance to Ramsay!

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