Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2: Epic drama, high octane action

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So the second trailer for the third Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond (beyond, beyond, beyond…), in the JJ Abrams-reboot universe has dropped (see link below). And you know what, it’s not half bad.

The first trailer for the film was very high octane and action focused. Think Michael Bay in space. And which was not surprising seeing that this latest installment is being helmed by Fast & the Furious director Justin Lin (a fact that this latest trailer stresses).

Please catch me I’m falling, in love with you…

It has always been difficult for the Trek films, both original universe and reboot universe, to balance the cerebral and exploration aspects of the show with action and whizz bang needed to get butts into movie theatre seats. These new films have also had to walk a tightrope between pleasing diehard Trekkies, not a homogeneous group by any means, and also attracting regular moviegoers.

The new trailer begins somberly with the a rear shot of the Enterprise and that Trek beeping sound. We hear Chris Pine as Captain Kirk speaking with Bones about why he joined Starfleet and trying to live up to his father. I like this. Some depth, some motivation, hints of a character arc. This is good.

What did you say about my face? hmmm!

Then the music starts to build and we see Spock, Uhura and Scotty in various locales. Then there’s a scene with the Trek trinity and Bones asks “you really want to head back out there?”. Yes Bones, we do. Explore strange worlds and all that. Let’s FINALLY get some exploration in these reboot films. We then see boarding missile ship things that made me say WTH and then Kirk said “WTH is this”. Awesome looking scene.

We get more of the plot too and it seems that part of the crew is captured by the reptilian aliens led by an unrecognisable Idris Elba, who we finally hear speak. We also get more scenes of that cool looking, butt kicking white and black faced female alien. Then we get lots of punching, shooting and motorcycle riding. Excitements. And they wrap it all up with some humor.

Engaged? I barely know that space station…

So I must say I am feeling better about this trailer than the actionfest that was the previous one. I was also disappointed with the Wrath of Khan rehash that was Beyond Darkness so I hope that they really stick the landing with Beyond.

So did you watch the trailer? What do you think of it? Feel free to comment below.

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