MacGyver reboot trailer has me asking “why oh why?”

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my friend asked me to comment on the trailer (link below) for the CBS reboot of “MacGyver”. You remember MacGyver right? From the 80s. Richard Dean Anderson’s wicked hair. Could make a bomb out of bubble gum and paper clips? Yeah, that MacGyver.

Now I loved the old series. MacGyver was smart and cool and hated guns and could build anything out of anything. Mind you looking back there was a lot of nonsense science going on there. But who cares? I was young and it was fun.

And what about the trailer for the reboot? Sigh. Where do I start.

Who wore the mullet better?

So replacing Dean Anderson is Lucas Till. Who? The guy who played Havok in the X-Men movies. Coincidentally I watched him just last night in X-Men: Apocalypse and a review is on this site (plug plugged, let’s move on). So in the trailer Till is working for some Government agency and uses science and gadgetry to overcome obstacles. Just like old times. But from what I see he has a bit of a young, cocky attitude which is very un-MacGyver.

He is apparently part of a team that includes George Eads (Nick Stokes from “CSI”) and a woman on a computer. Wait a minute. MacGyver works alone. He don’t need no stinking team.

I’m Iron Man. I mean MacGyver

Anywho there is a lot of sneaking around, bullets and explosions and I feel like I am watching a “Mission Impossible” reboot, which is probably on the cards somewhere too. The trailer felt a bit generic to me. I’ll watch the pilot and give it a chance but this did nothing to get my hopes up.

So have you seen the trailer? How do you feel about the new MacGyver? Feel free to comment below.

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