Gotham Season 2 Finale: Top 6 Juicy Parts

Greetings folkses. So I watched the finale of the second season of Gotham and I think my brain is still recovering from all the craziness. If you have not seen it yet consider this your SPOILER ALERT. Now let’s dig in!

For comparison the finale of season one was a wild mob shoot out. Bullet city. This finale has our heroes at Indian Hill – the secret facility under Arkham Asylum – battling against mastermind Dr Hugo Strange and facing the threat of a nuclear device and a ward full of super powered monsters and criminals. As I said – craziness.

Here are my Top 5 Juicy Parts:


#1 Hinkey fake Gordon

Here we have the fake Gordon, either the shapeshifting villain Clayface or a proto-Clayface, doing the worst possible Jim Gordon impression. He keeps smiling all the time like a malfunctioning android, leering at female cops and tells lies about as good as a toddler with his hand in the cookie jar. He wins the creepiest moment award after Barbara slaps him and he turns around with his face all, well, hinkey.

Now wait just a minute
Now wait just a minute

#2 They call me MS Mooney

One of the many face offs in the episode is the reanimated, mouthy Fish Mooney and the stoic Mizz Peabody. “Don’t you talk about her mama!” The best part is after she sways Peabody and the attendants and goes after Strange, who we see frightened for the first time though not the last for the episode. I was not fond of Fish’s character last season as she did not fit in with the grittier, more grounded world. But now that we have gone full comic book crazy the over the top Fish fits right in. And the scene where Penguin discovers she is still alive and she makes him faint – hil-arious!

Have I got a riddle for you...
Would you like to play a game?

#3 Nygma channels Jigsaw 

I adore Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma. In this scene he goes full Riddler and puts Bruce and Lucius in a deadly game of 20 questions. We get a bit of the manic energy of Jim Carrey but with a darker, lethal edge for a perfect villain combo and the best live action Riddler yet.

This is not good at all
This is not good at all

#4 Everything with Dr Strange

Gordon gets a free therapy session from Strange via some truth drug. Strange goes full God complex, absolves him of his guilt – and, let’s face it, Gordon is all about the guilt – and ascertains he knows nothing about the Court of Owls. It actually is beneficial as he finally decides to go after Lee and we could all use Morena Baccarin in our lives.

Next we have Mr Freeze and Firefly blasting at each other in this most comic book moment of the episode. Did not add much to the story but was visually satisfying. But then they train their weapons on Dr Strange and he turns into an instant frozen barbecue. I was worried that he was killed – how he survived that is beyond me – but I am glad he lived. BD Wong is an absolute delight and the character commands every scene. And you can tell the actor thoroughly enjoys hamming it up. Looking forward to more Strange next season.

Something wicked this way comes...
Something wicked this way comes…

#5 A Monster of a Surprise 

And speaking of next season I presume all of the Indian Hill test subjects released from the bus at the end will be the focus of it, if only for the first half. I’m not sure which comic book villains we will get though I did see one guy that looked a bit like Killer Croc.

The biggest surprise though is that Bruce Wayne clone. Why was he created? Does he have super powers? Is he EVIL? Okay, the last one is probably a given. We’ll see how it goes.

Final Slice

Season 2 finale of Gotham was a bag of crazy. I didn’t even mention the defusing of the bomb with a glass of water. “Bombs need water man”. The pacing was off and they tried to cram in a bit too much into one story.

But you know what? For a time Gotham was not sure whether it was a gritty crime drama with comic influences or a comic show with gritty crime influences. And I am glad that they have fully embraced their comic book crazy.

So have you seen the finale? What was your favorite moment? Feel free to comment below and if you liked it why not share it?

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