Doctor Who New Companion Clip aka Bill & Doc’s Excellent Adventures

Greetings Whovians and people with a passing interest in Doctor Who (why else would you be reading this post).

So I was watching a clip posted by the BBC featuring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Pearl Mackie as new companion Bill (which may be a nickname)  running in a corridor from the dreaded Daleks. The scene reminded me of the episode Into the Dalek from Series 8.

I presume it is from an episode or the ninth series (season from those beyond the pond) scheduled for spring 2017 or it may just be promotional material. I know, next year seems like an eternity away. Braveheart fans. Braveheart.

Now might be a good time to run

Now when I first saw photos of Mackie after she was announced as the new companion – following the exit of Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald – I was glad we were having a non-white companion. Now I have enjoyed all the companions to varying degrees but it was nice to mix it up a bit. Not sure if she is contemporary or from another timeline though.

From the little we see she reminded me of Donna, who is one my most beloved companions and among the best.

He’s a silly little thing isn’t he?

My first impression from the clip (a link is posted below) was WOW that’s a lot of hair. But seriously I enjoyed Bill’s energy and inquisitiveness and her bantering with the Doctor. And we all know how he feels about bantering. Bill seems to be enjoying herself running around the universe with a madman in a box and her spunk lifted the whole scene. Capaldi was fantastic as usual. I am intrigued for more of Bill and Doc’s Excellent Adventures.

So have you seen the clip? What do you think of new companion Bill? Feel free to comment, like and subscribe.

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