Sister Bond Season 1 Finale: Surprises, Twists and Unanswered Questions

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

Warning: Major Spoilers for previous Sister Bond episodes

It has all come to this. After three episodes of Trinidadian Spy Sci Fi Comedy Drama Web Series (that will never not be a mouthful) Sister Bond we have arrived at the finale episode, “All in One.” Our titular duo of private investigator Keisha (Chimere Prince) and her sister Giselle (Celina Lyons) hope to finally deliver Keisha’s clownish ex Keith (Kendall Arneaud) to their mysterious client and collect the second half of their payment. But with various forces still searching for the powerful alien device in Keith’s possession, including the stoic and muscular villain from previous episodes, danger is both at hand and afoot! I could not resist that pun.

You see he over there? Tha’s the man that cut meh backside!

I had mentioned before that Sister Bond was in contention for my favourite Ville Ventures Universe web series as it started off quite strongly. But unfortunately, the finale was a mixed bag for me, and I will have to bump Sci Fi series Vaser Claw back up to number one. The best aspect of All in One was the opening. There was a surprise character appearance that was pretty epic, and we got some action, which was a cool change in the comedy-heavy series. But things got somewhat messy from there.

We get multiple time jumps involving various characters but none of their story arcs are satisfactorily wrapped up. Instead, we are left with previous questions unanswered and additional questions to ponder. A couple of the twists were intriguing, but the others felt like they came out of left field. For example, the latter of two post-credit scenes centres on a new series character that was more confusing that impactful. The environmental noise during that scene was also quite distracting. I had the feeling that the episode was trying to set up too much for the future without effectively concluding the present. Like the Trini web series equivalent of Tom Cruise’s The Mummy.

I wanted a bald head pretty boy fella. So, how on Earth I end up with a real congo bongo natty dread?

There is also so much happening so quickly in the episode that we don’t get as much of the improv banter between the two sisters compared to previous episodes, which I did miss. One of the charms of Sister Bond had been its simplicity, and the change in formula for the finale didn’t really work for me.

But taking the series as a whole, it is still an entertaining and unique watch. And with Sister Bond being renewed for a second season I will be tuning in to check out more misadventures from this delightful duo.

Editor Jules’s Finale Score: 5 out of 10

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