Netflix Mexican Horror ‘The Day of the Lord’ is The Exorcist Meets Hostel

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer

The Day of The Lord is the newest Netflix horror coming straight out of Mexico. The full original title is Menendez Parte 1: El día del Señor, which is our first indicator that there would be more parts to follow. The second is when you see the end credit scene that actually reveals the name of the next Chapter. The plot is about a retired priest named Menendez (Juli Fàbregas) who has just been released from prison. An old friend stops by to ask him for help when he suspects that his daughter Raquel (Ximena Romo) might be possessed due to her displaying some severely out of character behavior.

To begin with this movie is not your typical exorcism story. As a matter of fact, it does its damnedest to steer you off the path into different dizzying directions and in a manner so fast that you’re going to suffer from a mild case of whiplash. This is not at all what I expected and as a matter of fact it is an absolutely brilliant way to end the Halloween season.

You don’t know who you’re messing with. I’ve seen The Exorcist three times, señorita

The style of exorcism used is particularly unorthodox at best so be warned. It involves quite a bit of torture and physical brutality which is a tad bit questionable. It almost feels like you are watching a cross between Hostel and The Exorcist. Also, there’s an extremely cringy scene that so over the top that it’s downright ridiculous and takes the film into a darkly comedic tone.

There are times where you begin to question Menendez’s sanity because Raquel is quite convincing. Is she in fact possessed or is this guy just so totally messed up in the head that he’s seeing things that are not there? I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome and I have to give special mention to actress Ximena Romo. She absolutely shines and steals the show as the possessed teenager Raquel. What a performance! Juli Fàbregas (Rec 2) is also super creepy and so weird as the ex-convict priest Menendez that you are not sure whether he is just a maniac hell bent on fulfilling his own vendetta or if he is genuinely trying to stay on the righteous path.

Free shipping on bulk holy water? Noice

It starts off as a bit of a slow burn, but the story is so captivating that you are hooked from the opening scene. The pacing is quite good and the cast grace us with some particularly good acting. The special effects with the use of red lighting and shadowing during the more intense scenes successfully amp up the terrifying atmosphere.

I am definitely hooked, and I cannot wait to see what happens in Chapter 2 with Menendez. Get on this now fellow horror fans you are not going to want to let this one pass you by!

Alice’s Score: 8 out of 10

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