Top 5 Reasons you Need to Be Watching Yellowstone Right Now!

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

There’s been a ton of great television shows popping up on the small screen, and with most people having to nothing better to do than become one with their couches, it feels like the perfect time to binge on as much of it as they can.

But no matter how many shows you watch, there’s always that one awesome new series that slips under your radar. Thankfully, like Woody and Buzz, you’ve got a friend in me and I’m here to add another fantastic show to your list of “Must See TV”.

Last time, I sang praises about Netflix’s Snowpiercer. Today I have a totally different kind of show for you. One you may have missed out on or even chose to skip (like me) because the title makes it sound like something only your grandparents would enjoy.

Boy was I wrong! This has to be, in my humble opinion, not only one of the best dramas on television right now, but one of the most rewatchable shows I’ve ever seen.


#5 It’s the Mafia meets the Midwest

Cowboys of Anarchy

Kevin Costner stars as the powerful patriarch of a family of ranchers. The homestead called Yellowstone, is constantly being threatened by land grabbing developers and others who want to make billions by snatching up the place for their own purposes.

Don’t let the simple premise fool you folks, because this show is so much more than that! It’s the wild west meeting the modern era and the Duttons will stop at nothing to protect what’s theirs. Every episode is packed to the hilt with drama, tension and action.

With a huge cast of characters, beautiful visuals befitting any big budget movie, and the kind of writing that has just gotten stronger from season to season, trust me when I say there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

#4 Instantly Quotable Lines

Daredevil! No! Don’t do it!

When your cast of characters are this charismatic and the writing is this sharp, you know you’re gonna get the kind of memorable dialogue and lines you’ll be quoting for years to come. Not an episode has gone by where I haven’t heard someone say something that made me either bust out laughing or clap back to my television with a “oh snap!” (don’t pretend I’m the only one who talks back to the TV. We’ve all done it!)

It’s also filled to the brim with the kind of monologues that are so good you find yourself hitting rewind just to hear it again and again and again.

#3 No Black And White Here. It’s All Shades of Grey

I see the Walker Texas Ranger reboot is coming along nicely

You know what the best kind of characters are in a movie or television show? It’s the ones who don’t feel like characters. They’re fully developed people and like real people, they are capable of both good and bad things. Yellowstone does a beautiful job of fleshing out their world and the people in it in a way that has you hating someone one minute and sympathising, hell, even rooting for them, the next.

With two seasons in the pan and the third currently happening, this show is taking our heroes, villains and everyone else in between on some truly amazing and unpredictable journeys. And fans like myself are on the edge of our seats to see what will happen to them and who they will become next.

#2 Theatrical Quality In The Comfort Of Your Living Room

You guys, like, cowboys, or something?

As I’ve said before, the visuals and big budget look and feel of this show is amazing. With locations that consist of wide open vistas and gorgeous countryside (I believed its shot in Utah, USA) Yellowstone can hold its own against any other “big budget” show out there. Take the money from Game of Thrones and throw in the quality writing of The Sopranos with the modern day western storytelling found in shows like Justified and Banshee, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Yellowstone has to offer. But don’t take my word for it. Go check it out yourself!

#1 The Cast of Characters

Little known fact – all my exes live in Texas. No. That’s not true. I can’t substantiate that. Forget I ever said anything

There is not a single character on this show I don’t enjoy watching. Not a single one. From Kevin Costner giving what I would argue is his best performance to date as John Dutton, to his children and all their drama played by the likes of Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton) and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton), to Cole Houser (Rip Wheeler) as the cowboy every man wishes he was and every woman (and some men) wish they could be with. There is not a single ounce of fat on this lean, mean, stellar acting machine of a cast. They’re all just that good.

And speaking of Cole and Kelly, their relationship as characters Rip and Beth respectively is the best I’ve seen on television in years! You would have to have a heart made of granite not to love these two together. And I’m pretty sure at least fifty percent of the viewing audience is watching every week just for them.

Every ranch hand, every bad guy (both past and present), every minor and major character on this show is worth your viewing time. And I honestly can’t think of another television program out right now that can boast the same.

So like I said, don’t take my word for it. Go watch Yellowstone for yourself and tell me what you think. Even if you’re like me and this isn’t your usual cup ‘o tea, I’m gonna bet you’ll be a fan before you even finish the first season.

Damn I love this show!

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