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Swing and a miss!

Netflix has been on a high recently with a couple of fun popcorn action flicks that were both entertaining in different ways. Extraction was John Wick military-styled and 6 Underground was what happens when Michael Bay shows a little restraint (I still haven’t forgiven him for Transformers: The Last Knight). But sadly The Last Days of American Crime is more an exersise in tedium, than a fun blow-em up, and that’s just a shame.

All the ingredients are there. We have an interesting premise as all crime in America will be impossible after a signal is launched that causes pain to anyone breaking the law (think The Purge with added tech). The action sequences are brutal and actor Edgar Ramirez is usually a good addition to any movie.

Last Days Of American Crime
You ready Thelma?

The problems abound behind the lens though, with this movie running WAY TOO LONG for what it is, as if the editor didn’t know the words self-restraint. The score is super annoying and plays loudly over scenes where it isn’t needed. And the cast all feel like they’re a tad bored with their roles.

I struggled to make it to the end of this one guys and even found myself hitting that fast forward button just to get to a very unsatisfying conclusion. Skip this one folks and go watch The Purge: Election Year instead (it’s my personal favourite of the bunch).

Rating: 4 out of 10

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