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Sommerleigh Pollonais – Quick Bite

Dammit! I really thought I would hate this movie. I figured I’d just put it on and let it play in the background while I crushed some candy on my phone. But the kid in me who likes bright colors, lots of movement and catchy tunes couldn’t take my eyes off Trolls World Tour.

The sequel to the surprise hit Trolls, Part 2 has the distinction of being released in cinemas and on demand last Friday (due of course to everyone being on lockdown). And like its predecessor it is all about those weird little Troll dolls that were popular in the 90s doing what they do best, which is apparently singing and dancing their colorful little hearts out. Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick are back as Branch and Poppy respectively, as the Troll duo continue on their adventures and discover their world is much bigger than they thought, as other Troll kingdoms exist, each of which has their own musical tastes.

What did you just say about my playing? Hmm?!

It’s all about the tunes here – pop, country, hip hop and even rock and roll – and it’s honestly hard not to find yourself singing along at some point. The visuals will definitely keep your little ones engaged and while Trolls World Tour won’t be winning awards with the likes of Pixar animated films, this colorful, fun and heartfelt movie has a beautiful message about celebrating diversity and will most definitely appeal to the target audience of younglings, ages 10 and under (my two year-old nephew was singing and dancing his little heart out).

So yes, it’s a kids’ movie for sure, but even the most cynical adults watching with them may find themselves humming along. I know I did.

Score: 6 out of 10 

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