Top 7 Worst Modern Monsters of Doctor Who

One of the best aspects of Doctor Who is the different monsters, aliens and creatures that our favorite Timelord has to face off against week after week. Some monsters will make you scared to blink, wary of your shadow or holding your breath. But there are also some monsters that are simply dreadful, and the only thing scary about them is how awful they are.

So for this edition of “So Who Saturdays” we will be counting down the Top 7 (or should it be Bottom 7) worst monsters of modern Who based on their appearance, traits and abilities. So with a SPOILER ALERT Allons-y, Geronimo and here we go:

#7 Slitheen: Aliens of London/World War Three and Boomtown, Series 1

DW Monsters 3
Me? I didn’t fart!

The Slitheen family are one of the better known aliens on this list, but it does not stop them from being a bit puerile, especially with all the farting. And their design looks like it was made from plasticine. The aliens also showed up in The Sarah Jane Adventures and were much better suited for that younger audience.

#6 Pigmen: Daleks in Manhattan/ Evolution of the Daleks, Series 3

DW monsters 6
This muzak is jammin’

Next up we have these half men/half pig creatures created by the Daleks as slaves. I don’t have much to say about these guys. Their makeup is an eyesore and they are pretty forgettable. They are only this high on the list because of the sympathetic pigman Laszlo.

#5 Krillitane: School Reunion, Series 2

DW Monsters 1
It’s a man. It’s a bat. It’s Batman!

Now before you stone me, I really enjoyed School Reunion and it is one of my favorite episodes. The Doctor reuniting with both Sarah Jane and K-9 was just magical. And I thought Anthony Stewart Head did a fantastic job as the villain Brother Lassar. Sadly the rest of his bat-like Krillitane brethren were an ugly CGI job and that knocked some points off an otherwise wonderful adventure.

#4 Saturnyns: Vampires of Venice, Series 5

DW Monsters 2
There’s something fishy about this lady…

These aliens looked like generic vampires in their human fang-bearing forms but when their true fish-like form was revealed it really stunk. Like houseguests after three days stunk. They were not scary, not interesting and just plain bad. Throw this one back in the water guys.

#3 Akhaten: The Rings of Akhaten, Series 7

DW Monsters 4
The Lord of the Jack O’ Lanterns

So I was okay with this monster being a big planet that fed on souls. Sounds interesting on paper. But then when the planet’s face went all Halloween pumpkin things went from okay to downright ridiculous. And it just hung there and glowered. Did no one realise how stupid it looked? At least we got that cool speech from Matt Smith.

#2 Sandmen: Sleep No More, Series 9

DW Monsters 5
These guys look like sh–

I’ll just come out and say it – the Sandmen look like crap. There I said it. And any scares they might have inspired were completely undermined by the fact that they are created from THE COLD IN YOUR EYES, what we in Trinidad call “yampee”. We have not had a monster idea this bad since the Seventh Doctor creature the Kandyman (you can check him out here).

#1 Abzorbaloff, Love and Monsters, Series 2

DW Monsters 7
Does this underwear make me look fat?

Was there ever any doubt who would be the worst of the worst?

And yes I know the Abzorbaloff was created by a kid as part of a contest, but that does not save this ghastly creature one bit. His design is equal parts head scratching and stomach turning. Let us all be glad that he melted away and never returned.

So what is your least favorite modern Who monster? And if you enjoyed this article how about a share? It is greatly appreciated.

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