Remembering Ali (the legend) through Ali (the film)

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How am I going to rope this dope?

This morning I told someone that boxing legend Muhammad Ali had died yesterday. Their response was “who”?

After I overcame my shock I realised not everyone may know about him. Now full disclosure I am not a big sports person nor am I a big fan of boxing in general. But even I had to recognise the larger than life character that was Muhammad Ali. The man had so much wit, charm, swagger and fearlessness (both in and out of the ring) that you had no choice but to be a fan.

But this is a film blog, not BBC. My film recommendation for those who never heard about Ali (still shaking my head about you folks) and everyone else is 2001 biographical sports drama film Ali. It tells his life story from 1964-74: capturing the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston, converting to Islam, criticising the Vietnam War, being banished from boxing, and also his fights with Joe Frazier and George Foreman.

Will Smith (pictured above) bulked up for the role and he is the best part of the film. He captured the big personality of the iconic Ali and deserved his Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.

The film balances his time in the ring, family life and activism but director Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral) uses a bit too many quick narrative cuts. It has a choppy effect similar to watching a music video. Not the best biopic but great for a taste of the greatest.

Ranking: Ali gets 2/4 rope a dopes. 

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