‘Batman v Superman’ Ultimate Edition trailer underwhelms

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When I heard that they were doing an R rated cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice I thought “way to jump on that Deadpool R rated money train”.

So we have our first trailer for what is being called the “Ultimate Edition” (see below). But I watched it and it just seems like more of the same from the mediocre film (here’s the link to my review Batman V Superman: Flawed but fun superhero flick).

We start with stuff flying through the skies of Metropolis during that Supes/Zod battle while a guy with an African accent does voice over about men with power not obeying policy or principle. Then most of the scenes are what we saw in previous trailers, including the too spoiler-y one that lots of people complained about, or from the original cut. They show a scene with Batman standing over Supes which I found was a bit of a spoiler for people still yet to see the film.

There is some new stuff though but nothing to put your underwear over your pants for. We have an African lady saying she would ask Superman how he decides which lives count and which do not, some woman telling Clark that words do not step men like them but a fist, actress Jenna Malone talking to Lois Lane presumably in the news room, some more conversation between Bruce and Alfred about the Wayne name, and a half blind guy talking to Clark about Batman.

“He is mean and he is hunting,” the man says.

Then we switch to a scene of Batman punching somebody out. This was the only thing I found interesting in trailer as we might be seeing more of Clark hunting Bats, which was too underdeveloped in the first cut.


But “The Ultimate Battle, The Ultimate Cut, Unleashed” does not look that ultimate. And it is rated R for “sequences of violence”. Is Batman going to be decapitating people? Is Doomsday going to be eating folks after he tears them limb from limb? Oh come on. This smells like a cash grab and not a very good one either.

So have you seen the ULTIMATE TRAILER? What did you think of it? Will you be picking it up on DVD?

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  1. The most beautifully made weak story arc of all time. DC’s biggest mistake? Trying to play catch up instead of being patient enough to pull in those super hero fans once marvel hit the end of the road to their third phase which is the last one.

    1. Yep. Much haste but little speed. Instead of concentrating on making a good film they were concentrating on making a universe. A great disappointmeant.

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