Trini Web Series Island Law Episode 2 Ups the 80s-Style Cop Action

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

The folks at Elevation Studios are back with the next episode of their 80s-inspired cop action web series Island Law. And this instalment features more guns and much more intrigue.

The last time we saw quippy Trini undercover cop Sean Christian (Maurice George) he was being used for target practice by some unsavoury characters. The new episode opens with Christian turning the tables on these goons and sending them to meet their maker. And the gunplay was pretty entertaining, questionable-looking gun flashes notwithstanding.

…and the dead man’s penis was THIS big. It was like…

I enjoyed the sardonic officer much more this episode and he delivered some genuinely funny lines. They even make a reference to the anachronistic 80s language in a bit of self-referential humour. I see you Island Law. I see you. There is also a cranky coroner character, who brought the humour in his brief scene.

I also enjoyed Christian’s blunt and sassy female partner Tina Williams (Jemima Thomas). As we say in Trinidad, this girl doesn’t put water in her mouth to say anything. When she threatened to “cuff him in his head” it put a big smile on my face.

Rock-a-bye baby!

The episode also gives more insight into ex-DEA agent Richard Thomas (Jason Boos) who is trying to rescue his sister from drug kingpin and series big bad Alejandro Rodriguez (Albert Smith). The story seems to be setting up an eventual team-up between Christian and Thomas in a buddy cop, Lethal Weapon-style, which I would be down for.

And speaking of Lethal Weapon, there is another cop-with-psychologist scene here. While it worked as a framing device in the previous episode here it breaks the pacing and just felt superfluous, especially with the more streamlined story. And I will add that the dialogue could have used a bit of tightening and the editing, especially the sound editing, a good bit of refining as it was very choppy.

What you say ‘bout mi madre?

But despite the hiccups I enjoyed Island Law Episode 2 as a switch-off-your-brain, popcorn, 80s throwback. The ending cliffhanger also teased a new character that I am interested in seeing more of in Episode 3. And of course more goons getting gunned down.

You can watch Island Law Episode 2 for yourself below:

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