Eight Ridiculous Laughing Leo Memes

Julien Neaves – Editor

The internet is a wild and wondrous place. And sometimes it can be a very funny one. Take the Laughing Leo meme. Somebody came up with the idea to turn an image of Leonardo DiCaprio as evil racist Calvin Candie in Django Unchained into a meme, specifically a scene where is he is laughing while holding a glass of wine. It is so simple, so versatile and so very effective.

So for today’s article we are going to all just relax, have a laugh (hopefully, humour is subjective after all), and check out eight of these Laughing Leo memes. Time for your funny bones to get unchained!

#8 Language is important


#7 Growing up can be fun

Don’t you all look cute…

#6 Plot Twist


#5 Fool me once…

Not again! Dagnabbit

#4 Just how we roll

Looking good meng

#3 Silly mummy

Modern technology is tough

#2 How do you like me now?

Fancy meeting you here…

#1 Naughty, naughty

This is a hard one

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