Spanish Thriller The Invisible Guardian a Hidden Gem: Quick Bite Review

Alicia Veliz – Guest Writer

So, this one is a Spanish thriller but, I am hoping that some of you are not too lazy to read the subtitles, or that you can understand the language. I think that it is good to give these foreign films are chance because you would be surprised at the hidden gems that you end up finding. Much like this one!

Police Inspector Amaia Salazar is called to investigate a series of murders where the victims are teenaged girls, in her hometown of Baztan, Navarre. Their bodies are found posed in what seems to be a ritualistic way in the woods.

It is soon revealed that Amaia has a deeply troubled past and tries her best to do her job despite the added complications of family drama. As the chase intensifies, Amaia seems to be tethering the edge of reality versus supernatural superstition.

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It sucked me in from the beginning because Amaia’s character is quiet but is extremely good at her job. They showed different sides to her character thereby fleshing her out perfectly. There are times where her vulnerability is just barely at the surface and her phone would ring. Then she is back to the chase, all work, and no nonsense. It makes the audience gain a connection to Amaia by sympathising with her and yet admiring her strength in the face of adversity at the same time.

As the story unfold  you want to see more and more. It builds the suspense slowly as a good thriller should, and you find yourself trying to solve the mystery along side our heroine.

This is the first movie of the Baztan Triology all of which are currently on Netflix at the moment. It is got me hooked for sure and I am definitely going to check out the other two very soon. Hope that you guys give it a go too. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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