Bloodride Quick Bite

Wayne Rock – Guest Writer

I wanted to see if this could fill the hole in my anthology-loving heart and, while I did binge the entire series in a day, I have to say, there are some flaws that keep it back from the greatness of Twilight Zone, pre-Netflix Black Mirror and it can’t begin to touch Inside No 9.

Good evening John. We’ve been expecting you

It’s more similar to Goosebumps or Tales from the Crypt, in a campy sort of way, and it’s predictable to the point where only one episode kind of shocked me. Even though the episode runtime is actually what I prefer for a series (30 minutes) some episodes feel much longer and the payoff often times doesn’t match the build up.

That being said, it’s entertaining enough to kill some time (which we all have right now) and the acting ranges from decent to pretty great.

Score – 5/10 (with Inside no 9 being a 10). Very middle of the road.

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