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Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

I get the feeling that ten years ago this movie would’ve been a huge hit with movie fans. The story has that 90’s/early 2000’s vibe to it but, to be fair, so does the comic book this movie is adapted from.

There is some fun to be had with Bloodshot though. Firstly, Vin Diesel really seems to be giving his all as super soldier Ray Garrison. You can tell he’s a fan of the comic and he’s trying to make the character not seem like just another Dominic Torreto (although that white vest shows up once again).

I live my life one quarter-scowl at a time

There are a few standout action set pieces with my favourite being the one on the falling elevator. And some of the side characters, while admittedly cliches, were entertaining, especially Sam Heughan as bad guy you’ll love to hate, Jimmy and Lamorne Morries as hacker extraordinaire Wilfred Wiggins.

The problem starts with the screenplay being the same as every other revenge action movie you’ve seen. The villain has barely any reasons for doing what he’s doing except *yawn* money, and the rest of the characters have little to zero depth. In an age when comic book based moves are treated by both creators and fans like high art, movies like these can no longer afford to skate by on the basics.

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you, but I love it, yes I love it

So yes, Bloodshot is exactly what you thought it would be when you saw the trailer. It’s (probably) unintentionally a very 90’s sci-fi action comic book flick with mostly decent CGI (although this also goes a bit wonky at times but hey, so did Black Panther) but it’s not what I would call a bad movie, just an average one.

I recommend streaming this one at home whenever it becomes available.

Score 5.5/10

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