Top 10 Cursed Objects in Movies (featuring Moviejunkies)

Editor’s Note: Greetings RMR fans. I know you all have loved my various TV and movie articles over the past year and change but I also wanted to give an opportunity to share the writing of other critics and fans. And so today we have our very first guest post courtesy of Sommerleigh from Moviejunkies which is on YouTube and Facebook. Take it away Sommer!

When it comes to possession in horror movies, all bets are off! I’ve seen movies with possessed mirrors, beds, a refrigerator (I’m not kidding) and even a laundry press in Stephen King’s The Mangler.

The list goes on and on, so in recognition of the new addition to the bunch, Annabelle, I’ve decided to do a list of Top 10 Possessed Objects in Movies.

For this list, I went back and forth on whether to include ‘real’ haunted objects (like a chair that famously has killed everyone that sat in it), but it’s a movie site I’m running here so these are all gonna be objects from movies.

Here we go!

#10 The House (House 1985)

HO 1

A troubled writer moves into a haunted house after inheriting it from his aunt.

It’s one thing to deal with a cursed object. Maybe you can just throw that sucker in the bin and call it a day. But what happens, when the ENTIRE house you owned is one giant cursed object!

This movie is more funny than scary, but I wouldn’t wanna be the one to live in a house that is not just cursed, but seems to have the ability to traverse time and space itself. House is a well put together, underrated horror movie.

The property value might be a problem…

#9 Every Damn Thing in the Store! (Friday the 13th TV Series 1987-1990)


I loved this show!

So Imagine you inherit a store, only to find out that every thing in it, and everything sold so far, is cursed and now you have to get them back before shit goes really wrong.

From an evil statue that makes men kill the women they love (Cupid’s Quiver) to a Tattoo Machine that brings the tattoos to life (and of course they kill you). This is one store where you may want to return your goods for a refund.

My favorite episode (and the one that scarred me for life) was Scarecrow. The deadly scythe-wielding demonic antique can make crops bountiful, but only after it’s blood-lust has been sedated by offering up three people, via pinning a photograph to the lapel of it’s jacket, to slay.

“Slashing prices and throats daily!”

#8 VHS Tape (The Ring 2002)

HO 3

A journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it.

7 Days. Never has two words been more terrifying in movies. Samara may have been the killer but the tape is what starts it all, as she uses it as a means of getting to her victims (and eventually spreading her evil)

There’s only two problems with this though. Only white people would watch this (people of color just don’t take these kinda chances) and two…. Who has a VHS player in 2017??

“I might need to get this transferred to DVD…. or YouTube”

#7 A Book (The Evil Dead franchise)

HO 4

The official name for this cursed object is The Neconomicon and as cursed objects go, this one is a doozie.

A book that summons deadites to your location. It possesses not just your house, but your friends, trees (that can get a bit rapey) and even chopped off body parts!

Can you imagine this thing being available at a public library?! The scariest thing being, you just know you might be tempted to give it a read…..

“Now available on your Amazon Kindle”

#6 The Dybbuk Box (The Possession 2012)

HO 5

In Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is an evil spirit. Supposedly, a Holocaust survivor accidentally summoned the demon while using a homemade Ouija board, but managed to trap it inside the wine cabinet.

While the movie was so-so, the folklore behind the box isn’t. An item tied to one of the most horrifying histories of mankind, the thing that makes this cursed object scary is the fact that most people won’t know what it is, and would definitely open it without knowing the repercussions.

“How ’bout we just store out stuff in an old shoebox instead”

#5 The Mirror (Oculus 2013)

HO 6

Mirrors have always held a bit of mysticism. Everything is flipped when you look in one and movies like Candyman, Mirrors and Oculus play with the possibility of them being used as doorways for the dead, or something worse.

It’s said the legendary Bela Lugosi had such a mirror. A murder was committed in the room with the mirror and some believe captured not just the event, but the spirit of the killer as well.

Whatever you might believe yourself, there’s nothing creepier than walking into a dark room with a mirror and seeing what looks like another person standing there…..brrrrrr.

“Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Ca- NOPE!”

#4 A Button (Drag Me to Hell 2009)

HO 7

Of all the cursed objects I’ve seen in movies, this one is the most innocuous. At first. After pissing of an old Gypsy woman, this thing takes on a whole other life.

It’s one thing to have an object that you bought/inherited/found, make its way into your life, but a button is something you can easily have on your clothes and lose. It belonged to you all along, making it that harder to get rid of.

Note to self: Only buy clothing with zippers and don’t piss off old people.

#3 The Horcruxes (Harry Potter Franchise)

HO 8

Hah! Didn’t see that one coming did you!

The Horcruxes for peeps who aren’t familiar with the films, are seven objects imbued with the soul of He Who Shall Not Be Named himself…. okay his name is Voldermort (so much less to type)

These objects range from a Diary, a Ring, a Locket, a Cup all the way up to our Hero himself, Harry Potter! and if these cursed objects aren’t all destroyed Voldie himself is gonna live forever to rain noseless hell on us Muggles and Magical alike.

Should’ve made his nose a Horcrux. Harry would’ve never found that shit.

#2 A Ginger-haired Doll (Child’s Play 1988)

HO 9

How could I make a list of Cursed Objects in Movies and not include the ultimate bad-ass doll himself, Chucky!

Possessed by the spirit of a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray (gotta have three names to qualify as a serial killer), Chucky and Child’s Play Pt1 was genuinely traumatic for kids like myself (I was one of those who thought my toys came to life while I slept).

What makes him worse, he’s looking for a new body and you might just qualify! Now who wants to play a game.

“He’s ginger, he has small hands and he’s always pissed off. Good lord! I think Chucky grew up to be the President of the United States!”

#1 A Car (Christine 1983)

HO 10

A 1958 Plymouth Fury. Christine is one of my favorite Stephen King adaptations. This is one cursed object that tends to go after the people you know rather than the owner itself (although your soul will become corrupted in the process). A movie that has held up very well (in my opinion) and has gone on to become a cult classic.

Car for Sale: In great condition. Comes with the ability to self repair no matter the damage, great gas mileage, self driving, may murder family and friends, leather interior, possessed by supernatural force. Did I mention the excellent gas mileage?

And there you have it. That’s my Top 10 List of Cursed Objects in Movies.

Which items did I leave off, that you think should’ve made the Top 10? And don’t forget, Annabelle Creation is out in cinemas now.

Editor’s Note: So a very big thank you to Sommer and Moviejunkies for sharing her list with us. If you want more,and I am sure you do, you can find her on Facebook here and her movie review videos on YouTube here

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