Flarrowverse Wednesday Recap Nov 23: Supergirl vs Cyborg Superman & Flash vs Killer Frost

Wait a minute? The Flarrowverse Friday Recap on a Wednesday?!

No you have not entered some strange Flashpoint-sequel alternate universe. This week both ‘Arrow’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ are on break so the weekly recap has been moved up. Both shows return next week for the eagerly anticipated 4 Night Crossover “Heroes vs Aliens” which will feature our customed friends protecting Earth from an alien invasion.

But back to today’s business. With a SPOILER ALERT for ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ let’s do this thang:

Supergirl S2E7 “The Darkest Place”

Hmm. Superman looks a little different. New haircut?

This week ‘Supergirl’ did not just pull out all the stops – it went and found some other stops and pulled those out as well. The biggest news was the reveal of the real Hank Henshaw who has been turned into comic book baddie Cyborg Superman. And boy did he kick Kara’s butt.

We also had Supergirl dropping a Batman reference – vigilante with toys – and the nth metal Kara and Mon El were trapped in was a Hawkman/Hawkgirl reference. If they can do a TV Superman why not a TV Batman too? Bring on the Bruce Wayne!

A white Martian? I HATE white Martians!

David Harewood really earned his paycheck this week doing double duty as Cyborg Superman and Martian Manhunter. We got the big confrontation with M’gann after J’onn learned she is a White Martian. And then we had both a physical and emotional battle between the two. Did I say this episode had everything?

We also had the mind blowing reveal of Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain) and Cyborg Superman breaking into the Fortress of Solitude and asking about some Medusa Project. The Guardian vs killer Vigilante stuff was cool but a bit too reminiscent of last week’s ‘Arrow’. But overall a lot of payoffs and excitement in one episode.

The Flash S3E7 “Killer Frost”

Barry: Just chill out Caitlyn. Get it? Chill out? You get it

The name of the episode pretty much says it all. Caitlyn gets in touch with her dark side and goes crazy Killer Frost though never full Killer Frost. As I said before I am glad to see that they are doing more with Danielle Panabaker this season and she did an excellent job, aided by some sweet cold effects. But with Savitar and Alchemy having plans for her you just know that those power dampening cuffs are coming off and she will become the full Killer Frost that Cisco saw in his vision.

I’ve got a secret

In other news Joe goes reckless and cuts Wally out of his cocoon thing and likely almost killed him. It was resolved pretty quickly though and Wally was all goo goo gah about his new speedster powers. But, like Caitlyn, I feel Savitar is going to turn him as well.

And speaking of Savitar we have yet another speedster big bad. That is three for three people. Come on now. Can we mix it up just a bit? And in the least surprising reveal of all Julian Alpert was revealed as Alchemy. Yeah, saw that coming a mile away. These first seven episodes have not really blown me away and I hope that the show will up its game significantly heading into the crossover and after. At least we have the 4 part crossover next week so that should be tonnes of superhero fun.

So what are you most looking forward to in the 4 Night Crossover? Feel free to comment below.

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