Top 5 Lamest ‘Walking Dead’ Deaths

It has been two weeks and the emotional scars from the Season 7 premiere are slowly beginning to heal.

We have lost beloved characters in the past, this is a zombie apocalypse after all, but while some brought us to tears others just had us shaking our heads. We know our survivors will die but some deaths seem hollow, unnecessary or just plain dumb.

So with a HUGE SPOILER ALERT here are the Top 5 Lamest Deaths in “The Walking Dead”:

#5 Dale Horvath, Season 2

Wait! Hold up! I can survive this!

Wise old Dale. Always there with a nugget of advice or trying to keep the peace among the group. He was also pretty handy with a rifle and rocked a fisherman’s hat like nobody’s business. But instead of a heroic sacrifice he gets taken down by a walker Carl failed to kill. Dale’s insides end up on the outside and he is mercy killed by Daryl. It was a sad scene but good old Dale deserved better.

#4 Sophia Peletier, Season 2

Has anyone seen my sunscreen?

I know what you’re thinking. Don’t ask me how, I just do. You’re thinking that the reveal of Sophia as a walker in the barn is one of the most shocking moments in the show’s history. And I fully agree with you there. The lameness comes in with how she kicked the bucket in the first place.

After escaping from a herd of walkers on a vehicle jammed highway Sophia runs into the nearby woods and flees from a couple walkers. Rick tells her to stay put while he distracts and kills the walkers, but when he returns she is nowhere to be found. She gets bitten by a walker offscreen, becomes a walker and ends up in the Greene’s barn. Why did you run into woods in the first place Sophia? Why didn’t you stay put as Rick told you? Why did they spend almost an entire season looking for you? Lame on top of lame on top of lame. Sophia from the comics is way better.

#3 Nicholas, Season 6

Nicholas: Here’s what we’re gonna do – I’m going to kill myself and then we’ll both fall to our doom. Glenn: Wait what?!

I would call Nicholas a spineless traitorous worm but it would be an insult to spineless traitorous worms. This little punk should have been dead a long time ago but keeps getting other people killed in his place including poor Noah. He even attempted to kill Glenn but our pizza delivery boy turned hero turned bloody bat food (still too soon?) gave a second chance.

When Nicholas and Glenn end up trapped atop a dumpster and surrounded by walkers the former says “thank you” and blows his brains out. His limp body drags down Glenn into the horde of walkers and the showrunners try to trick us that it is Glenn being devoured and not Nicholas’ spineless remains. An annoying character, a lame death and a dumb trick makes a trifecta of meh.

#2 Tyreese Williams, Season 5

This is a really bad sign

Tyrese was one of my favourite characters of all time. He was strong, brave, had a sturdy moral compass and was mighty effective with that hammer of his. So I was gravely disappointed to see how stupidly he met his end. While searching newcomer Noah’s home he finds his twin brothers. Only problem is the twins have got zombified and take a chunk out of him. The group cut off his arm to stop the infection but he dies any way, but not before having visions of dead folk. The End. The best way to describe this useless death of such a cool character is “vexing”.

#1 Beth Greene, Season 5

I’m gonna cut you so bad you’ll wish I never cut you so bad

We have come to the bottom of the barrel people. The crap de la crap. The death of Beth Greene aka Maggie’s little sister.

She is killed at the end of the Season 5 Grady Memorial hospital storyline, which in itself was a whole lot of wheel spinning filler. The survivors and the hospital crew agree to a hostage exchange. When the sadistic Dawn demands that Noah stay with them Beth has the bright idea to stab her with a scissors and gets accidentally shot in the head for her troubles. After seeing Beth grow from boring to a strong, assertive character why does her last act have to be so dumb? Surely they could have found a better, more meaningful way to do it. It is the lamest of all ‘Walking Dead’ deaths and easily tops our list.

So did I miss out any ‘Walking Dead’ Deaths you thought were uber lame? Why not share them in the comments?

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