‘Power Rangers’ Teaser Trailer looks Go-Go Great (Quick Bite)

For 23 years, 19 different shows and through two not so great movies the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise has been morphin’, piloting their robotic Zords and kicking all sorts of alien backside. When I heard that this ridiculously long running (and mostly campy) series was getting a new film reboot I was quite skeptical.

But then I saw the first teaser trailer and I was like dang! This thing is looking pretty awesome.

They were just five regular teens…

The trailer, set to some haunting alternative music, introduces us to our five heroes who all seem to be outsiders with issues. Think The Breakfast Club but with superpowers. Then they find an alien ship or base or something in a scene that reminded of Chronicle, which is a good tone to go for. We get more Chronicle vibes with them discovering and trying out their powers.

It ends with Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa doing her best Freddy Krueger impression and a tease of the new suits. We did not get any fighting or a look at the Zords; the latter being what I am most interested to see.

But overall the teaser is dark, cool, fun and has me suprisingly excited. And with Bryan “Breaking Bad” Cranston cast as floating head alien mentor Zordon Saban’s Power Rangers may just morph into a pretty great popcorn flick. The film knocks (sorry drops) March 2017.

So what do you think of the trailer? And are you excited to see this Rangers reboot? Feel free to comment below.

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Julien is outie like a navel. l8rs

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