Top 7 Regular Show Characters

When it comes to cartoons there are some that mostly kids enjoy and others that are definitely for adults. But there are a few that hit that sweet spot and are beloved by both groups. This short list includes Cartoon Network toons ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Regular Show’, the latter of which will be ending after an eight season from September 26 to January next year. The show has been nominated for a slew of awards and picked up a Primetime Emmy for the Season 3 episode “Eggscellent” and received the TV movie treatment in 2015 with Regular Show: The Movie. 

‘Regular Show’ tells the story of two park worker buddies Mordecai and Rigby, an anthropomorphic blue jay and raccoon respectively, who have surreal and supernatural adventures with their co-workers and friends. Created by J. G. Quintel and airing since September 2010 the show is trippy, ridiculous and hilarious and I am a wee bit sad to hear that it will be ending.

Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel

So in honour of the show that was anything but regular I will be counting down the Top 7 main characters that made the series the wonderful gem that it is. Here we go:

#7 High Five Ghost (Jeff Bennett in Season 1, J.G. Quintel Season 2 onwards)

He’s one happy little ghost

He’s a happy go lucky ghost with a hand atop his head that enjoys giving high fives, hence the name. This odd fellow exemplifies the weirdness that makes this show so great. The ultimate side character he just hangs around with his best bud Muscle Man and the other park workers and gets wrapped up in their adventures.

Why does he have hand on his head? Did he have a hand on his head before he died or did that happen after? We have not been told yet but hopefully we will before the end of the series.

#6 Benson Dunwoody (Sam Marin)

Somebody’s getting fired…


This park manager and living gumball machine is short tempered and regularly threatens to fire Mordecai and Rigsby for their constant slacking off. But you cannot really blame Benson as those two rarely do any work and wreck the park every other episode.

His threatening and berating never gets old – when his dome head turns red it is trouble – but it is also nice to see his softer, more calm and friendly side. Benson is also one of three main characters voiced by Sam Marin (see photo below).


#5 Pops Maellard (Sam Marin)

Oh Pops

Silly, innocent, enthusiastic and almost child like in his naïveté the large headed Pops is sweet and delightful. The son of The Park owner he works well as a counter balance to some of the wilder and sometimes selfish characters like Rigby or more serious characters like the wise Skips.

#4 Skips Quippenger (Mark Hamill)


He is one deep Yeti

And speaking of Skips this immortal Yeti, voiced by Luke Skywalker actor and veteran voice actor Mark Hamill, is the voice of wisdom and reason in this crazy world where video games come to life, small ducks combine into a mega duck and Basketball gods officiate competitions. When things go sideways, and they always do, Skips is usually the first one they turn to for help. And his tragic back story, which includes that he skips everywhere he goes in memory of his lost love, also adds another layer to this super cool character.

#3 Mordecai (J.G. Quintel)

It’s Margaret. Stand here and look normal

One of the shows two leads Mordecai is the straight man to Rigby’s wild man. More sensible and level headed than his friend he usually wants to do his work and be responsible but ends up playing video games and getting involved in some craziness due to the influence of Rigby or the others. But seeing him having fun together with Rigby and rapping and singing and battling odd baddies and going “whoaaaaaaa” are the most fun parts of the show. 

He is also quite the hopeless romantic and his relationships with red robin Margaret and cloud woman CJ Love have added an interesting dynamic to what is ostensibly a kids show.

#2 Mitchell “Muscle Man” Sorenstein (Sam Marin)

You know who likes redmangoreviews? My mom!

The ironically named Muscle Man is just a hoot and one of the most memorable of the crew. He is rude, crass, loves pulling pranks and has absolutely no idea how to tell a “yo momma” joke but does so nonetheless. But he is also brave, extremely loyal to his friends and madly in love with his girlfriend Starla though I could live without their public displays of affection. Eww. 

#1 Rigby (William Salyers)

Rigby is just Eggscellent

You ever have that feeling when you just want to blow off work and spend the day fooling around and playing video games? Well that is Rigby all the time. The ultimate immature slacker he is always trying to find something to do other than work and he is often the catalyst for their madcap adventures.

Short tempered, hyperactive and mischievous Rigby is also sweet and lovable and his deep friendship with the straight laced Mordecai is the show’s core. This bouncing ball of fur is the show’s best character and a major reason why it has been on the air for six years and for eight seasons.

So are you a fan of ‘Regular Show’? Who’s your favorite character? Feel free to comment below and if you enjoyed this post you can share with your peeps. Sharing is caring.

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NB All photos courtesy of Cartoon Network


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