R2-D2 Actor Kenny Baker dies + Top 7 Franchise Moments

Some really sad news here guys – Kenny Baker, the 3 foot, 8 inch British actor who played R2-D2 in the first six Star Wars films – has died. He was 81.

I grew up watching him in this iconic character so it feels like I have lost an old friend. You can read more about his passing here.

But I thought a good way to pay tribute to Baker and the plucky droid who won our hearts with just beeps and whistles would be to rank his best moments. You will notice I have restricted it to the original trilogy because that is where he really shined the best. Here is my Top 7 moments:

#7 Drinks ma’am? (Return of the Jedi)

R2 1
Alcoholic or non-alcoholic?

After being captured by Jabba the Hutt, R2 is put into service serving drinks on his sail barge. When C-3PO finds him he is just going about his business with his tray like it is the most normal thing ever.

#6 R2 zaps Salacious B. Crumb (Return of the Jedi)

R2 2
Look at that face. I’d want to zap him too

This despicable Kowakian monkey-lizard assaults C-3PO  and pulls out his eye. R2 comes to the rescue and gives him a good zapping. R2 is too awesome.

#5 Mine! Mine! (The Empire Strikes Back)

R2 3
I’m gonna beat you like you owe me money

On the swamp planet of Dagobah Luke and R2 meet up a strange creature who later turns out to be Jedi Master Yoda. Before that revelation Yoda and R2 fight over a flashlight. It is quite the funny moment.

#4 That’s inedible! (The Empire Strikes Back)

R2 4
I need a vacation

Staying on Dagobah, R2 gets swallowed by a large swamp creature and Luke is horrified. Thankfully he is not very tasty and gets spat out in spectacular fashion. It’s hard out here for a droid.

#3 R2 gets blasted (A New Hope)

R2 5
I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

As Luke’s assistant droid on his X-Wing during the attack against the first Death Star, it is heart wrenching when R2 gets blasted and lets out a horrible scream. He was okay though and got fixed right up.

#2 R2 saves the day! (The Empire Strikes Back)

R2 6
R2 got this!

Our heroes attempt to flee Cloud City but the evil Darth Vader had their hyperdrive disabled. Leave it to R2 to repair the system and save them all. Take a bow R2. Or not. That’s cool too.

#1 Instant playback (A New Hope)

R2 7
I also got some Adele on here if you interested

There is no better or more iconic R2 moment than this one. His playing the message of Princess Leia for Luke set the entire original trilogy in motion. When you think of R2 this one of the first things that come to mind, and it is his coolest moment ever.

So what is your favorite R2D2 moment? Feel free to comment below.

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