Latest ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer is a swimming good time

The latest trailer for Finding Dory has been released and I for one am excited to get back in the water.
It has been 13 whole years since its predecessor Finding Nemo, which won the Best Animated Feature Oscar, is the best selling DVD of all time and is just a motion picture work of art.

Finding Dory focuses on the titular amnesiac fish, voiced by comedienne extraordinaire Ellen DeGeneres. Six months after the events of the first film she suddenly remembers her family and sets off in search with them together with clownfish father/son duo Marlin and Nemo, voiced by Albert Brooks and Alexander Gould respectively.

In the trailer we see Dory getting captured by people from a marine institute and there she meets some new characters like octopus Hank and beluga whale Bailey, voiced by Modern Family’s Ed O’Neill and Ty Burrel respectively, and a whale shark called Destiny that cannot swim well. We also see some chatty crabs, those totally cool turtles Crush and Squirt again, a couple of boisterous sea lions and a not too bright bird.

Pixar as a studio is not one to rush out sequels as cash grabs but really waits until they have a good story; don’t ask me what happened with the awful Cars 2. The Incredibles sequel, for example, is scheduled for release in 2019, 15 years after the first film. With Finding Dory the plot is interesting, the jokes in the trailer swim and don’t sink, and that sense of grand adventure from the first film is there throughout. I will definitely be taking the plunge when it opens on June 17.

So what did you think of the trailer? What’s you favorite Pixar movie? Feel free to comment below.

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