Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me is Honest and Raw

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer

It is a common misconception that when someone is rich and famous that they are somehow undeserving of the public’s sympathy because they are seen as ungrateful, and they complain too much. But what I think is most forgotten is the fact that just because you’ve got fame and fortune doesn’t mean that you have peace of mind or that you cannot feel lonely. You can feel alone even if you are in a crowd surrounded by thousands of people, cheering your name. The mind is a powerful thing and can be your own worst enemy at times.

In this honest and raw documentary My Mind & Me, singer/songwriter and actress Selena Gomez shares with the public her struggle with mental health and her 2020 bipolar diagnosis after suffering from an episode during her revival tour. Directed by Alek Keshishian (Madonna: Truth or Dare, 1991), the documentary is not meant as a publicity stunt but seeks to capture a sincere look into how Gomez has managed to cope with mental health, lupus, and the price of the fame-spanning period of the past six years. It was released on Apple TV+ on the 4th of November and is a therapeutic watch for people who suffer from mental health issues.

Gomez is seen struggling backstage during her revival tour with the fear and anxiety that she would not only be a disappointment but, that she will not be taken seriously as a solo artist and that she will remain a product of her past as a child star. As a fellow sufferer of anxiety and depression, I have seen this more times than I can count. You begin to second guess every single decision and you always have this internal fight within your mind. You chastise yourself and your confidence is slowly eaten away to the point where you are the one that puts up obstacles in your path and you self-sabotage your relationships with your family and friends.

Selena is also shown making a trip back to her hometown Grand Prairie in Texas where she takes the opportunity to visit her old school and neighbours. She uses this opportunity as a catharsis to begin her journey into the healing process by reconnecting with memories as a comfort of sorts. Her bipolar diagnosis has also opened up her eyes to the need for mental health reinforcement to be added as a necessity to the school curriculum. Gomez has already begun campaigning for this with the opening of her foundation earlier this year and has already met with the President of the United States.

If it is anything that we have been taught coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic is the need for mental health care at all levels of society. The suicide rate is higher than ever now and the smart thing to do is to have access to mental health care support from the earliest possible age to ensure that once an individual grows into adulthood, they can cope with whatever life throws at them without crumpling up at the first form of failure or opposition.

Selena Gomez took great courage in revealing her mental diagnosis to the world and showing us that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. The reality is that although we are all representations of our past decisions and experiences, we are not honour bound to be permanently shaped by them. You can change your destiny, especially if you have found your calling in life. Selena has found her calling in her campaign for mental health support in schools and I wish her all the best in terms of getting it implemented. With the current state of the world, we need a program like this now more than ever.

The 96-minute documentary is not only touching but eye-opening, especially to all those who may find themselves struggling, no matter the career path they have chosen. Remember all the money in the world doesn’t guarantee you complete happiness.

Score: 9 out of 10

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