Ghost Adventures: Los Feliz Murder House Parts 1&2 Review

Alice Oscura, Paranormal Investigations Head Writer

Plot: The Ghost Adventures team investigates the Los Feliz Murder house, the site of the infamous Perelsen murder-suicide.

Review: The folklore of the curse of Los Feliz Ranch in California tells the legend of a stolen inheritance via political motives. In 1863, while the wealthy Don Antonio Feliz lay dying of smallpox, a powerful politician visited him and drafted up a will that left the entire Los Feliz lands solely to the politician and not to Don Antonio’s sole heir, his niece Petronilla. It says that Petronilla cursed the land by swearing “The wrath of heaven and the vengeance of hell shall fall upon this place.”

Since the, a lot of unfortunate events have taken place on the land that was once the Los Feliz Ranch. You have the misfortune associated with Griffith Park and its owner. Wealthy Industrialist Griffith J. Griffith shot his wife in 1903 permanently disfiguring her. He served a sentence of just two years, thanks to a plea of “alcoholic insanity”. There are also the Tate-La Bianca murders at the hands of members of the Manson family in 1969. And the murder-suicide that occurred on the 6th of December 1959. Cardiologist Dr. Harold Perelsen murdered his wife Lillian with a ball-peen hammer and attempted to kill his eldest daughter Judy before he committed suicide by ingesting a lethal dose of Nembutal (barbiturate/sedative). Records show that Perelsen had been hospitalised for mental issues previously. So, most were attributing his behaviour to a psychotic episode brought on by financial troubles.

Over 60 years later, popular paranormal investigator Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) successfully gained access to conduct a paranormal investigation on the now-haunted murder mansion. During their investigation, it became apparent from interviews with neighbours and psychic mediums that there was an evil presence that exists within the murder mansion. Through the use of new high-tech equipment, the team was able to see strange entities mapped out on their screens including furniture that was once in a room but wasn’t physically there during the investigation. It was deducted that Perelsen’s behavior may be attributed to the dark entity inhabiting the home and due to his mental instability, he became a prime target.

This investigation was very intense and sinister. It also gained the attention of Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier who was allowed to do a brief walk-through of the house and experienced footsteps from the upper floors. The GAC was also affected both physically and emotionally. There was even an instance where they became so distracted by something messing with their equipment for almost an hour, seemingly preventing them from climbing the main staircase to further investigate the upper floor rooms.

Fun fact for all you horror buffs out there—the house that was used as the film location for the 1959 classic horror House on Haunted Hill sat just above the Los Feliz murder mansion. Bagans brought that to the audience’s attention and briefly spoke about the curse associated with the Los Feliz land and about how it can be a contributing factor to all the tragic events that seem to occur within this particular location.

The investigation spans two consecutive episodes since Bagans thought it was crucial to extend their investigation due to all the disturbing experiences felt by the crew. That guy has got some guts for sure.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

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