Batchack Man The Peacemakers Episode 6: The Shadow of Death

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

Trinidadian superhero/fantasy web series Batchack Man is back at it again with its sixth and latest episode, Mi Familia. If you’re not all caught up, then consider this your SPOILER ALERT.

The previous episode built up the climactic battle between Batchack Man and super powered soldier Amina West and we do see that fight this episode. It was decent with both actors doing solid work and delivering a couple of cool moments. But I was expecting a bit more and it felt too short. Amina snapping BM’s neck was a nice coup de grace though.

I’m going to beat you like you owe me money

And I’m not sure why Mama D’Leau attacked Amina by forcing her to have a vision where she condemns BM. That really left me confused. Why not make her suffer the pain of her training or the loss of her sisters? Much better was the twist with Batchack Man being mysteriously resurrected. I suspect it was a gift from the ghost/angel/apparition of late villain the OH. And I also suspect that BM’s kindly treatment of Amina after she collapsed means she will turn to the light side and the two of them will team up to take on big bad Dianna West Winston.

Unfortunately, this storyline is a subplot this episode and once again BM has to play second fiddle in his own show. The majority of the episode is spent on his girlfriend Michelle Hernandez (played by Angelia Bissoon, who also got top billing). And yeah, I don’t know why. We start off with an interminable montage of her dancing, eating popcorn and watching movies. I presume this is supposed to make the audience connect with her but it had me bored to tears.

When I kill people, I does kill people dead!

And then we had a flashback to her and her parents in Cuba and a deadly home invasion (or possibly a hit). Some of the Spanish pronunciation was better than others but overall the scenes were fine. And while her parents’ murders could have used some blood practical effects it was well executed (no pun intended). But again, why are we adding all this backstory to a character we barely know and to an already convoluted storyline? The series has a tendency to meander and this felt like more meandering. It was, however, good to see star/creator of web series Island Law Maurice George put in an appearance in Michelle’s present day storyline.

And I will admit it was not all bad as I did like the scenes between killer-for-hire Maharaj (played with delightful deviousness by Jitindra Mewahlal) and Michelle. Quick question though. Michelle injected herself with the serum previously. Did she not get any superpowers? If she did, she hid them really well during the altercation. Anywho, it seems like Michelle is being groomed as a co-lead with BM (for better or worse), like a Trini Superman & Lois. Whatever the case, let’s hope the season does less meandering and becomes more focused as it moves towards an eventual landing.$

Editor Jules’s Score: 5.5 out of 10

You can check out the video for yourself by clicking here. And you can check out more TT superhero content below:


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