Batchack Man Peacemakers Ep 5: Calm Before the Storm (Trinidad and Tobago)

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer


After the previous two episodes of the Trinidad and Tobago superhero webseries Batchack Man Peacemakers felt somewhat cluttered with side plots and side characters Episode 5: Crapaud Smoke Yuh Pipe Part 2 streamlines the story. And it also turns the spotlight back on its titular hero. But while I appreciate the “less is more approach”, Episode 5 may have embraced it a bit too tightly.

Where yuh buy this? Rattan’s?

We open with a little action, specifically super soldier Amina West kicking the stuffing out of Batchack Man. And then (SHOCKER!) he’s dead. But it was all a dream (not a shocker) of new mystical character (yes, ANOTHER new character) Lady Chinma (Keisha Melville). Now I liked Lady Chinma with her elaborate hairstyle and her prophetic dreams. And while the scene with her and BM is basically exposition it is done in an entertaining way. We also get more insight into who BM is as a person, which is always appreciated.

The episode also features some gorgeous drone footage of an abandoned structure, establishing a scene between BM and one of big bad Dianna West Winston’s lackeys. And speaking of footage, my least favourite part of the episode was the middle where you had an interminable montage of stock footage from around the world. It goes on FOREVER, adds nothing to the story and feels like filler to bloat the episode’s runtime.

Look at you hiding in the shadows like a budget Batman

Thankfully, things get much better in the final act. Dianna (the talented Jillian Ferguson) drops some sass on BM that made me laugh out loud, passionately lays out her plan and boasts about the power of Amina West. But BM’s offer of a showdown between him and Amina to settle the conflict is an offer she can’t refuse.

And then we get the exciting buildup to said fight, including BM doing a superhero landing and a sword-wielding Amina looking equal parts sexy and deadly in her costume. I am definitely amped for that climactic showdown next episode and I hope it does not disappoint.

Superhero landing. Noice!

The post-credits scene sees the return of Mama D’Leau but I was not exactly sure what was happening so I will wait and see what plays out there. All in all a pretty good episode, though a tad short on story and long on filler.

Editor Jules’s Score: 6.5 out of 10

You can watch the episode for yourself by clicking here. And you can check out more local superhero content below:


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