Femme Fatale Heats Up Island Law Episode 4 (Trinidad and Tobago)

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

Note to Trinidad and Tobago local content creators—if you want to spice up your film or television project then hire Sydney Ledger. The very talented actress was the best thing about 2021 action film After the Apocalypse and added some edge to superhero webseries Magonolia. And now she is heating things up in the latest episode of 80s-inspired cop webseries Island Law.

Ledger joins the cast in Episode 4: What Once Was which continues the adventures of devil-may-care cop Sean Christian (played by series creator Maurice George). We’ll get to our protagonist later but let’s kick things off with Ledger’s crime queen Leandra Stone. Now for the previous three episodes drug dealer Alejandro Rodriguez (Albert Smith) has been portrayed as the series big bad. Well in one scene Miss Stone turned Senor Alejandro into Senor B (hint: “B” stands for a dog, but of the female variety). She’s sexy, sassy, powerful and completely dominates the screen. Ledger seems to enjoy playing bad girls and Leandra Stone looks like another great femme fatale in her repertoire. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of her on Island Law.

What a woman!

On the episode generally, it a lot less action heavy than Episode 3, which is fine. We get a flashback with ex-DEA agent Richard Thomas in Caracas and I liked the change of locale, but I found Jason Boos’ acting a bit stiff in this scene. And speaking of locales, we meet up with our hero Sean Christian on the North Coast getting some food and some information from an ex/colleague Tina (Meegan Dass) about a terrorist who may have links to Alejandro. This leads to a brief but thrilling action sequence on the roadway by Maracas Bay which should make Trinis and others familiar with that location smile.

Continuing on the theme of flashbacks the episode actually jumps back one hour and we see a conversation between Sean’s fellow cop Erica Foster (Tamica Moore) and her new partner Joanna Stephenson (Nikita Questel). The chat is less than cordial and we have some funny barbs thrown back and forth. The scene itself is okay but I was hoping there would have been some major reveal about the previous scene hence the time jump. But I could not find any and it just came off a bit clunky, especially with the black and white visual and reverse time sound effect.

The number you have dialled is not in service. Please hang up and try your number again. This is a recording

All in all another solid episode from the Elevation Studios especially with the introduction of Leandra Stone and another enticing cliffhanger ending. See you next time for Episode 5.

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