TT Talent Shines in Sci Fi Short ‘Ikarus’

Julien Neaves, Sci Fi and Caribbean Head Writer

Longtime Red Mango Readers (if that’s you, I appreciate the love) would know that I am very passionate about two things—Caribbean content (or Cariwood, which will catch on one day) and Sci Fi content.

So when I saw Trinidad and Tobago-born filmmaker Shaun Escayg was doing a new Sci Fi short film I just had to check it out. Actually, my experience was just like this:

Written and directed by Escayg (who has worked as an animator on films like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, creative director on video games Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Marvel’s Avengers, and animation director on acclaimed video game The Last of Us) Ikarus tells the tale of brother and sister scavengers in New Orleans in the year 2220. When their plan for a big score goes awry they end up in a desperate fight for their lives against a ruthless enemy.

The film had its TT debut at Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival back in September and just yesterday premiered on the YouTube page of Dust, Gunpowder and Sky’s Sci-Fi entertainment brand. They work with established and emerging creators and do feature films, short films, series and podcasts.

Ikarus is a short film and I’m keeping things spoiler free so I’ll just do the broad strokes; you can find a bit more plot description online but I would recommend going into this one blind. The film stars Nina Khurshid and one of my favourite TT actors, Stephen Hadeed Jr (Pendulum, Moving Parts) as the above-mentioned scavenger siblings Queen and Birdie. Both actors give very solid performances and kudos to Hadeed for a very believable American accent.

My favourite performance was by Pricilla Chung, who plays ice-water-in-her-veins interrogator Control. The visual effects are gorgeous and blockbuster level and the set design is also quite effective, both the sterile interrogation room and the flooded ruins of New Orleans. The plotting is also quite tight and I enjoyed the use of non-linear storytelling. The story wasn’t anything mind-blowing but what it does it does well. Overall I had a pretty good time with Ikarus and I would recommend checking it out.

Editor Jules’s Score: 7 out of 10.

You can watch Ikarus via the Dust YouTube channel by clicking here or you can also check it out via the Dust app. And you can check out more great content below:


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