Jack and Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror – RMS Queen Mary Review

Alice Oscura, Paranormal Investigations Head Writer

In keeping with the spooky season last month, Jack and Kelly Osbourne returned to Discovery Plus for their second annual “Night of Terror”. Last year was Kelly’s baptism by fire when her brother invited her to come along on a paranormal investigation of Heritage Square located in Southern California. During the investigation, we discovered that Kelly possessed psychic sensibilities.

This year Jack and Kelly gained full and unrestricted access to the iconic RMS Queen Mary ocean liner-turned-hotel. The retired British vessel operated primarily in the North Atlantic Ocean between 1936 to 1967. After the liner was retired it left Southampton for its final journey. It made its way to become permanently moored at Long Beach, California. Over the years, the liner has seen its fair share of tragedies which are more than likely the contributable source of the high volume of hauntings reported. The location is thus extremely popular amongst the paranormal investigative community.

Jack and Kelly Osbourne in front of the Queen Mary while filming Portal To Hell in Long Beach, California.

The investigation was quite intriguing as much of the history of the retired ocean liner was being explored. Kelly was able to contact the ghost of a woman that may have committed suicide because she was pregnant by using the a method called the SB7 spirit box experiment or more popularly known as the “Estes” method. It is named the Estes method because of where it was first used Estes Park, Colorado in the infamously haunted Stanley Hotel. The SB7 spirit box is a device that is meant to capture output communications of spirits by usually particular radio frequency waves.

The duo also encountered the malevolent spirits of deceased Nazi POWs that were brought back to the United States after being captured in WWII. Renowned psychic medium Cindy Kaza was brought in to help during the second night of the three-day investigation. She was able to guide Kelly into using certain aspects of her abilities, as well as providing much-needed answers to certain events being experienced on the ocean liner.

What I admired the most was Kelly’s readiness to investigate certain areas that were highly intimidating because of the volume of activity reported. The audience can visibly see that she is nervous and scared but with the support of her brother Jack she pushed forward with the experiments. One must remember that unlike her brother Jack who has been a member of the paranormal investigative community for many years, Kelly is but a babe in the woods. I’m curious to see if she decides to seek more guidance to develop her abilities or chooses to block them off completely.

I would personally love to see her develop them and go on more investigations with her brother. They seem to work together so well, and Jack is very protective of her. On a sad note, Kelly’s little companion, a Pomeranian named Polly, sadly passed away a little while afterward. A sweet dedication is made in the ending credit for little Polly Osbourne.

The second annual Night of Terror hosted by Jack & Kelly Osbourne was equal parts entertaining and scary. Just the right amount of balance that any paranormal fan would be eager to watch.

Alice’s Score: 9 out of 10

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