TT Action Flick ‘After the Apocalypse’ is a Brutally Fun Watch

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

Plot: In the near future Trinidad has been ravaged by a virus caused by a botched cancer cure. The government has collapsed and the island is now ruled by vicious gangs. In this post-apocalyptic world a young woman named Raven Hunt uncovers a nefarious plot by a brutal gang leader nicknamed Gunnes and puts her life on the line to stop it.

Review: Visionaries Productions, the folks behind so-bad-it’s-good double whammy of TT superhero action films Batchack Man and Missing Persons, have returned with their newest film After the Apocalypse: Only the Strong Survive. But rather than the intentional/unintentional hilarity of the previous efforts Apocalypse is a decent enough flick and shows that the team has come a long way both production-wise and in the storytelling department.

If I shoot you in yuh head yuh go be less chupid or more chupid?

The film begins with some cool graphics and the opening text of the story which disappears before the average person can read it. They probably could have broken it up as it was narrated but is a small quibble. I’m glad they didn’t connect the virus to the coronavirus as we could use some escapism from that reality.

Now the film is a low-budget affair with production issues, low-budget practical effects, stiff acting, and Trini pothole-sized plot holes, but there is an earnestness and a relentless energy that keeps it entertaining. And it is a very dark, very bloody and super violent movie, which I was not expecting. But it makes sense for the setting, and the action and violence are portrayed relatively well, obvious fake blood and fake muzzle flashes notwithstanding.

You can take her land, but you can never take HER FREEDOM!

Nakisha Nottingham as the lead Raven is okay and she is solid in the fight sequences though some of her dialogue comes off a bit unnatural. I did laugh when she she has a black belt in karate AND wrestling, I’m no wrestler, but I don’t think they give out black belts. The film’s director and Batchack Man himself Keyon Brown has a brief cameo and again has his shirt off. I swear, he is the Captain Kirk of low-budget Trini action films.

The best performance and easily the highlight of the film is Sydney Ledger’s gloriously maniacal villain Gunnes. She has some of the best and most darkly humorous lines and she truly sold her character. Ledger elevated the film every moment she was onscreen and I enjoyed watching her bloodthirsty ways and power-hungry behaviour.

She’s a bad mama jama!

Overall, a commendable effort from Brown and Visionaries Productions. Sure, it’s not the best TT film or even the best TT action film, but it is still an enjoyable, cheesy, over-the-top, bloody, popcorn action film. And it makes me interested to see what’s next from these visionary folks. Get it? Visionary? Visionaries? You get it.

Editor Jules’s Score: 6 out of 10

You can check out Senior Writer Sommer’s video review of the film below:

You can view After the Apocalypse for yourself by downloading the Caribbean One TV app. And you can check out more from Visionaries Productions below:


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