Ghost Adventures House of Brujeria and Curse of Ranch Island Episode Reviews

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Greetings paranormal investigations and Ghost Adventures fans. We all lead busy lives so I’m just going to jump into my reviews of the recent Ghost Adventures episodes House of Brujeria and Curse of Ranch Island. And, of course, SPOILER ALERT.

Season 24, Episode 05: House of Brujeria

Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures team respond to a desperate grieving widow who believes that she has been the target of a dark entity. The team had to postpone a previous appointment when they were called out to this paranormal emergency in Zak’s home city of Las Vegas. The widow, who chose to remain anonymous for safety reasons, believed the dark entity may have come from one of two sources: a previous tenant who may have brought a presence to the living space by making a shrine with her dead son’s ashes and personal paraphernalia; or disgruntled relatives who were known to be into the practice of Santería (a pantheistic Afro-Cuban folk religion developed from the beliefs and customs of the Yoruba people and incorporating some elements of the Catholic religion).

The widow was visibly shaken, and Zak was worried about her fragile mental state upon meeting her for their first interview. She relates one particularly freakish incident where she was on her way to the emergency room because she was suffering from an asthma attack. But before she could leave she heard a dark voice tell her to go and check on her husband. When she did she found him dead in his chair with his eyes open. The woman’s grandson also refused to go back to the residence because he had an encounter with a large, dark, shadowy entity near a piano. And her daughter said that she noticed a drastic change in her mother since this situation started.

Zak consulted with a bruja that is an expert in the field of Santería and she advised him on what they should do to go about cleansing the property and its inhabitants of any curses or demonic attachments. The episode is not particularly eventful but Zak prides himself on being able to help bring a peace of mind to desperate families who turn to him for help.

Dark Alice’s Score: 6.5 out of 10

Season 24, Episode 06: Curse of Ranch Island

The team visit yet another property in Las Vegas that can only be described as a man-made oasis. It is like a commune made of ten residents including the current owner, Adam Sowell. Apart from living on the property they do their best to take care of the maintenance of the property as well. With its strange, exotic design you would never suspect that it could be the location of something sinister. There were incidents of paranormal activity over the past few years but the activity kind of amped-up after a friend of the owner committed suicide by hanging himself on the property.

Zak’s first suspicion was when he was influenced by a dark entity through oppression. During this investigation he was singled out by whatever entities are trapped in this location. Incredibly early in the episode Zak was forced to leave the property as something aggressive made itself known by causing him to feel physically sick. When he finally returned, and the crew got underway to preparing for their investigation, he was again influenced by an entity which was revealed to be spirit of the suicide victim trying to inflict the same feeling of fear that washed over him in the moments leading up to his death. Photographic evidence of paranormal beings is captured at least three times and they also received intelligible responses on their tech equipment.

The entire episode gave off a weird vibe in terms of the atmosphere in the commune being a bit cult-like. The people who were being interviewed almost seemed like they weren’t being their true selves. It was just a weird, otherworldly kind of feeling. And it didn’t help to see how affected Zak was by being on that location.

Dark Alice’s Score: 7 out of 10

Final Thoughts: I have noticed of late that the team seems to be sticking within their environs for investigations and this more than likely is because of the pandemic situation. At least we can appreciate that they can still turn out interesting episodes even from within their own stomping grounds. However, Ghost Adventures is finally heading out of state by returning to Vulture City, Arizona for the next episode.

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