Top 5 Best (and 3 Worst) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Characters

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Horror Head Writer

There are a ton of comic book to television adaptations out there, and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (or Sabrina to her friends) is one of the more successful ones. Produced for Netflix, this series was an instant hit for the platform and recently concluded with four seasons in the bag (because it’s Netflix and that seems to be their magic number, no pun intended). Whether or not it gets picked up by another network, I enjoyed the overall show with its magical mayhem and a colourful cast of characters. So I figured, why not take a look back at them, put on my judging hat, and sort them into the ones who I loved and the ones I loved to hate.


#3 Worst: Father Blackwood

A misogynistic, egotistical, evil-to-his core asshat who never did one redeeming thing the entire series, Father Blackwood is the kind of character you love to hate. His evil deeds include poisoning his entire coven and kidnapping his newborn twins, but that doesn’t begin to cover all the heinous things he did. But at least we got the satisfaction of watching his greed for power destroy him.

#2 Worst: Harvey Kinkle

In the comics Harvey and Sabrina are a love match made in Heaven (or Hell, considering what we’re talking about), but very early on, the show sends him down a separate part from his “soulmate.”

So here’s the thing, I never liked this character. It’s his face—he has one of those faces you just wanna punch. That might just be me, but for those who HAVE seen the show, you know Harvey is terrible. He ditches Sabrina when he finds out she’s a witch (but is super chill with his current girlfriend Roz being one), he acts like a love sick puppy when Sabrina starts to date Nick Scratch and, while they are all still friends, it always seems like he’s waiting on any excuse to “burn” his ex-girlfriend at the stake. Sabrina tries to help him time and time again, granted she goes about this in the wrong way. But Harvey’s response is always the same—inconsiderate and insensitive.

I could go on and on but honestly, I just wanna punch him in the face instead.

Dishonourable Mention: Zelda Spellman

Zelda is a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I love that she puts her family above all else and she’s a woman who will do anything to protect them. On the other hand, she does tend to lose focus on what’s important when she wants something for herself, and she can be quite cruel to her sister Hilda, who does absolutely nothing to deserve it. Zelda doesn’t change that much as the seasons go by, and that’s why she makes it on to my Dishonourable Mention.

#1 Worst: Roz Walker

Worst Friend Ever! A character that started off as one of Sabrina’s best friends, Roz quickly showed us her true colours.

When Harvey and Sabrina break up Roz (who has the ability to see possible futures) moves in on Harvey (a big no-no in the best friend handbook folks) because she has a vision of them kissing. When she goes blind she blames Sabrina, even though she KNEW her ability meant there was a chance she would inherit blindness, like all the other psychic members of her family. She constantly belittles Sabrina for having to spend time at the witch’s academy, even though Sabrina was struggling to figure out where she fit in with these two worlds pulling at her. And in the very last season when Sabrina was struggling with her own loneliness and decides to use magic to bring her and her friends closer together Roz finds out, and what does this so-called best friend do? She instantly tells her goofy boyfriend and everyone else in the group, even though Sabrina apologised and explained her actions (which by the way didn’t harm anyone).

I detest this character. She’s everything I don’t want in a friend, let alone someone claiming to be one of my BEST friends. And if the show does continue in some form, I hope she gets eaten by a demon. There, I said it!

So that was the worst. Now on to the best of the best.

#5 Best: Lilith

I love a villain with depth and Lilith had that in spades. She starts off as a character who seems one note as her sole focus is destroying Sabrina (while pretending to help her) in the hopes of being reunited with her first love Lucifer, which seems like a bad idea considering Big Red is Sabrina’s dad and the one who told Lilith to protect her. By the end of the series Lilith becomes a sort of anti-hero who learns she doesn’t need a man to complete her. And even though her ambitions don’t really change, she becomes an ally and one of the best-written characters on the show.

#4 Best: Prudence Blackwood

Another character who starts out as a thorn in Sabrina’s side, Prudence, the leader of the Weird Sisters, initially comes off like your typical high school bully. But she blossoms into a bad-ass warrior witch who learns she doesn’t need her twisted father’s love to be worthy. I could honestly watch an entire show based around this character and her own adventures, that’s how awesome I think she was in this series.

#3 Best: Ambrose Spellman

Ambrose is arguably the most level-headed and knowledgeable member of the Spellman family, and the one who always tries (but ultimately fails) to keep his cousin Sabrina from bringing literal hell to their doorstep. What I loved the most about Ambrose was the way he would always have his loved ones backs, no matter the consequence and no matter how terrified he was of the outcome. We could all use a friend like Ambrose.

#2 Best: Sabrina

Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina. What can I say about this teenage witch? On one hand Sabrina has the kind of qualities you want to see in someone so young. She’s brave, loyal to a fault, and always willing to fight against the forces that could destroy her family, her friends, and even her hometown. The thing is though, she’s VERY MUCH a teenage girl and makes the kind of rash decisions teenagers can sometimes make, which drove me crazy at times. I wish I could reach in the television and shake some sense into her, but one of the things that make for a great character is when they have the same flaws real people do.

Honourable Mention: Theo Putnam

I haven’t touched on the diversity of these characters but representation is always important, and I think the way the series handled these topics, like Theo (formerly known as Susie) and his struggle with his identity, was very well done. But that’s not why I like this character.

For me, Theo was the perfect friend to Sabrina from beginning to end. His loyalty never wavered, even when Sabrina’s witchy background was revealed. And while I admit his storylines were on the meagre end, Theo as the voice of reason in Sabrina’s group of friends will always be appreciated.

#1 Best: Hilda Spellman

From the very first season right up to the final episode I ADORED Hilda Spellman! There’s just something about her that outshined everyone else on the show.

On the surface, Hilda is this sweet, quiet, comely auntie, who just wants to feed everyone and give you a big ole hug when you’re upset. But she’s also so much more than that, as we’ve seen what happens when you push this motherly woman too far. Hilda has a dark side folks and the power to bring her enemies to their knees. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t seen the series yet, and who might still want to check it out, so I won’t give any details. All I’ll say is there’s an unsung hero in this show and her name is Hilda Spellman.

So that’s my list. Who’s your best Chilling Adventures of Sabrina character? And who’s your worst? For Featured Writer Alice’s review of Sabrina Season 4 you can click here.

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  1. This show is simply stunning 🤩 I can’t help but rewatching it over and over again 😃 Great article ! ✨ Yet, I’d say that Rosie’s not the worst character, Faustus Blackwood definitely is! ⚠️🚨Spoiler alert : He’s responsible for Sabrina’s death by releasing the void. I just hate him

  2. Ok, i think i need to point this out, when Roz found out that Sabrina lied because she miises her friend, the first thing she did was to talk to her and ask her why she knew this, this was clearly shown which amazes me on the fact that you didnt see it, secondly, Roz was actually a good friend, she was just being stupid at some point but she always comes back out good. I want you to study her character more and she will see she was always a good friend.
    Even with harvey case, she had asked Sabrina first before actually dating him and got her approval which makes that case removed from the best friend rules

  3. And also. i agree with you about harvey, he wasnt really a good friend in the show
    I love the show very much, it covers everything and Sabrina was spectacular

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