Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles 2 is Another Fun Sleigh Ride

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Plot: Kate Pierce (Darby Camp) from the original film is now a teenager who is unhappy about breaking Christmas tradition and spending it in Cancun, Mexico with her mother’s new boyfriend Bob (Tyrese Gibson) and his anxiety-ridden son Jack (Jahir Bruno). She decides to run away but is unexpectedly transported to the North Pole with Jack as a stowaway. This is due to a mysterious elf who wants to destroy the North Pole as revenge on Mr and Mrs Claus (Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn).

Review: We have waited for two whole years for the sequel to Netflix’s magical The Christmas Chronicles that was released back in 2018. Audiences laughed and cried around the world to see the journey of brother and sister, Teddy and Kate Pierce trying to save Christmas with old St Nick whilst still coming to terms with the death of their heroic father. It is revealed during this film that the Pierce family come from a long line of “True Believers” and this actually plays a major role in the sequel.

Everyone say ‘eggnog’!

However, if you are looking to see the duo go on another epic adventure here, you are going to be a bit disappointed. Of course, I can understand why they didn’t send an older Teddy to the North Pole because the story would have been more difficult to manipulate. Teddy still believes, but like most teenage boys he is interested in spending time with teenage girls…no surprise there! Kate is depicted as a bit cynical since she is in her early teens now and is still having closure issues with her father’s death. Hence why she sees poor Bob as a major threat. This plot point is also no surprise here because most kids think that the parent moving unto another relationship means forgetting above the previous one.

Moving to the North Pole characters, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn shows us how natural their chemistry is for each other. I have never seen such a sweet ease and comfortability like these two. They are so cute together and it feels like they broke the mould in their interpretation of Mr and Mrs Claus.

Sure it looks cozy, but are those dogs house trained? Because if not, that lovely carpet will be filled with lumps of something, and it ain’t gonna be coal

The story development transitions surprisingly smooth from the settings in Cancun, Mexico straight to the magical land of the North Pole where it is painfully obvious that Mr and Mrs Claus crave the companionship of children of their own. They are so giddy with joy to take Kate and Jack on a tour of Santa’s aka Mrs Claus’s village (inside joke if you watch the movie) to share with them all the happiness and magic that makes Christmas what it is for many kids all over the world. However, there’s always a twist and they’re going to have to save Christmas once again from a troublemaking elf named Belsnickel played by Julian Dennison who we will recognise immediately from Deadpool 2 as Russell Collins/Firefist, where coincidentally he was also on a path of destruction. The New Zealand actor plays the role as a prodigal son of the Clauses who became jealous when some of the attention shifts from him unto getting things ready for Christmas for the kiddies of the world.

Kate and Jack both have hurdles to conquer, with Kate having to get some type of closure and have security in her mother’s love for her father’s memory to allow her to move on with Bob. Plus, the acceptance that it doesn’t matter where you spend Christmas but who you spend it with, a lesson that I have learnt many times over in real life. Jack had to learn to conquer his fears and anxieties that he developed after the death of his mother. He learns that the true hero was inside himself all along, and that he didn’t need any special magic to give him the courage that he needs.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

The special effects were just as good as the original and I appreciated the development of the back story for both Santa Claus and the magic of the North Pole with the elves. It incorporates a variety of myths and legends surrounding the existence of Santa Claus. It was really interesting and I daresay almost believable.

This time of the year brings up all sorts of anxieties, depression, insecurities and sadness for many, many people. Never think that you are alone in this, and the trick is to try to remember the good times and hang unto the memories. Try to spend Christmas doing something. Do not stay alone, because trust me the company is always better to pull you out of morbid thoughts. I know that it’s been a tough year for us all but make the most of it and bring some Christmas cheer to at least one person this season.

Maybe you can start by inviting some friends (within pandemic protocols of course) over to watch The Christmas Chronicles and marathon Parts 1 and 2 for a jolly ole time. Don’t forget the popcorn and hang on for one heck of sleigh ride.

Alice’s Score: 6.5 out of 10

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