The Osbournes: Night of Terror Review

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Jack Osbourne decides to get the first family of darkness involved in his ghost hunting investigations since they have always been curious, especially his sister Kelly. His current show The Osbournes: Want to Believe involves him trying to convince his skeptical parents Sharon and Ozzy on the believability of certain video clips whilst grading them on what he calls an Oogie Boogie Scale up to 10.

However, he decides to smartly set up a video monitoring base camp at his parents’ house so that they will be able to follow along with his and Kelly’s investigations from the safety of their home. This was an extremely smart move especially since Ozzy is still unwell and with the increased exposure of the ongoing pandemic it just made sense.

The horror! THE HORROR!

Jack has chosen an extremely haunted location in Los Angeles known as the Heritage Square Museum. It comprises of the five oldest houses in Los Angeles that were physically moved to this particular property in order to be preserved. The location is set up for tours currently with each house having their own historical significance. However, three of them in particular have the most activity: Perry Mansion, Hale House, and Longfellow’s Octagon House.

On their first day on the location, Kelly experiences something really intense when she goes into the Octagon House with their designated tour guide. She immediately connects on an empathic level with a sinister male presence inside the house and begins to experience severe headaches and intense nausea. Her parents are extremely worried about her and become more aware through a psychic medium named Cindy who explains to them that Kelly is in fact an empath and has the ability to communicate with the other realm. Sharon and Ozzy discuss with the psychic that Kelly has always been a sensitive child and would sometimes get weird vibes when certain people would visit them. Kelly would insist that the person leaves and would cry and shout until her parent’s would eventually make them leave the house. Kelly does manage to prove her ability when she begins having an intelligent conversation with the ghost of Bessie Hale through a paranormal device known as a mel meter.

And if you look closely, you can see the ghost penis

The presence in the Octagon House is the most threatening since they detected a male presence who absolutely despises women. The male voice spoke to Jack telling him that all females lie and that’s why he hates them. There is so much activity in the Hale House and Octagon House that it’s a bit insane. But the more that Jack and Kelly investigate and uncover the past, the more things get stirred up. Doors opening by themselves, both Kelly and Jack are touched by something in the Perry Mansion, plus Kelly sees a small black shadow duck under a curtain only to disappear into the basement while they were setting up cameras and equipment on Day 2.

On the final day of the investigation Jack brings in another psychic who makes contact with both Bessie and the dark male entity in the Octagon house. Basically, it is explained that the activity is amped up between those houses because you have ghosts who refuse to move on and leave their houses behind. Plus, these were people who were so different in real life that they would have never even been neighbours. You literally have a clash with these different ghostly entities due to varying personalities, social station, and even mental illness. It was extremely entertaining with some jokes thrown into the mix because they are The Osbournes, whilst we still get equally terrified when the scary stuff starts to go down.

At least Jack has managed to make a believer out of his sister and has definitely managed to show his parents how well he handles his paranormal investigations.

Alice’s Score: 7.5 out of 10

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  1. I like the show, I understand Kelly, it’s her first time experiencing this type of thing. But, Jack…. Jack what is up dude. You said this wasn’t your first rodeo. Jack you need to turn in your
    man card at the nearest center a.s.a.p.
    When I saw you start running like a freightened little man child who saw the boogie man just because the door opened. Just a spirit showing that it’s there. Now if it through you across a room or tried to harm you than yes you would need to leave the area. It makes me wonder why you are doing these shows Jack.
    Are you doing it for some cheap thrills? To be on T.V.? An adrenaline rush? It doesn’t appear that you are in it for the science, or you wouldn’t go running when something as spooky as a door opening wouldn’t send you running. You stay and continue collecting evidence. Maybe you should go on the Ghost Adventure’s show where they have themselves locked in the house or building for the night and they work in complete darkness.
    Ozzy, Love your music. Been a fan since the 70’s. Saw you in England a couple of times while I was stationed in England in the mid 80’s in a small town called Ipswitch. About 80 miles north east of London.
    I’m on Facebook if you ever want to reach out.

    Tim K.

    1. Alice: I have been an avid follower of the Ghost Adventures team from inception when Nick Groff was still a part of the show and there have been many circumstances where those Guys would go bolting out of a room or running down the stairs when they got touched or something moved. I for one think that even the most expert Paranormal Investigator is entitled to this kind of reaction. Also you have to understand that energy is transferable. His sister was extremely nervous about the Octagon House and from what I observed the nervousness transferred straight unto her brother because they are extremely close in real life. Yes he said that it was not his first rodeo but I think he said it to try to boost their confidence a bit. At the end of the day no one is perfect and I am pretty sure that not even Zak would blame Jack for bolting the heck out of there either.

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