Horror Anthology ‘Scare Package’ is Chock Full of Genre Love (31 Days of Horror Part 31)

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Horror Head Writer

DAY 31

Movie: Scare Package (2020)

Plot: Chad, the owner of Rad Chad’s Horror Emporium, recounts a series of bone-chilling, blood-splattered tales to illustrate the rules of the horror genre to his newest employee.

Review: So choosing the last movie for this list wasn’t easy. While I still think The Invisble Man was the best horror movie in 2020, I already gave props to that film on my Quick Bite review and my Top 5 Horror/Thriller Movies of 2020 (so far). Besides that one, there were a ton of good stuff to choose from. Scare Me, Terrified, Relic and The Mortuary Collection were all solid genre choices. But in the end I decided to go with a movie that is pitch perfect for watching with friends (even virtually) on Halloween itself.

Somebody has been a very naughty boy…

Scare Package is a great campy movie. It has the anthology style of storytelling found in fan favourites like Trick r Treat, but it’s very meta and self aware like Cabin in the Woods. The smaller budget does nothing to dull the entertaining stories being told, as most of the acting is worthy of any bigger budget production.

Cut! Cut! Cut! I said the Werewolf mask. This guy looks like a Wererat. Come on people. Throw me a bone here

Written and directed by a lot of people, the tales told are chock full of love for the genre. Werewolves, zombies, curses, 80s slashers —it’s all here. And using a video store to bring them all together was the perfect touch as so many horror fans (including myself) have fond memories of coming across something horrifically awesome and taking it home to watch.

Lobsterman 2: Claws of Vengeance!

Now I’ll be the first to admit, Scare Package isn’t perfect. Trick r Treat is still, in this fan’s humble opinion, the best horror anthology ever created, followed by the likes of Creepshow (1982) and Tales from the Crypt TV series (1989). Even The Mortuary Collection has better production value and a more cohesive narrative, but what Scare Package lacks in execution it more than makes up for with its over the top use of gore, blood and horror-loving shenanigans. It’s the type of movie I’d love to watch with a group of friends. The kind of ridiculously fun horror movie that makes Halloween, well, Halloween!

So in conclusion, this hasn’t been the best Halloween for me…

We’ve come to the end of our Halloween season journey. 31 Horror movies in 31 days! I had a blast doing this and I hope you enjoyed it too. If you’ve been reading all of my review picks for the season, first of all Virtual High Fives and Hugs! Thanks for the support. And last, but not least, let us know if any of your favourites made it on the list. And if not, feel free to drop a comment #madeittotheend and let me know which horror movies you love to rewatch time and time again.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sommer’s Score: 6.5 out of 10

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